The last cover of Time Magazine recorded with 958 drone [Video]

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Time one of the most respected news and policy magazines in the world, made an unusual work. Time Magazine recently created a cover study using the most remarkable technological device drone.

Using his 958 Intel drone, Time pulls off the cover of his last number, and he seems to be talking about his last project. It is worth noting that the number of drills used in the last issue of the magazine is fewer than the number of drones used at the opening of the 2018 Winter Olympics. Intel used 1,128 drums for the opening of the 2018 Winter Olympics. The company, which broke the world record by airing its 1.128 Shooting Star drone, had an incredible visual feast on the audience from the opening television.

Alex Fitzpatrick, assistant news director of the Time magazine, said that the drones were only used for military purposes in the past, but nowadays they have become an important part of the mainstream culture.


Great Halloween show with drone

You can watch the back-of-the-camera footage of the last month's cover shot and the videos on the last cover of the Time magazine that was recorded with the drone






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