Your headphones and your loud ear earn more damage than you think – Greenist [1945900] It has never been so much fun listening to Discman from the Walkman and now from the iPod to smartphones. It is possible to see headphones in the ear, especially on public transport.   But on these journeys that sometimes take hours, listening to music with a particularly loud voice can lead to greater problems than you think.   Your mother is still right   [1945900010] If your mother warned you that "you will be deafening the voice of the music with your earpiece too much", it is just as it always is. Listening to music with a loud voice can seriously harm your ears, but the bad news is you understand it quite late and there is no return from this harm.   We have the risk of harming the nerve that carries the sensor hair cells or the sound to the brain in your inner ear with loud noise. When exposed to high sese for a long time, these carriers are at risk of dying and experts say that these cells will never come back.   As we talked about, the worst part of this situation is that we can not notice this because the loss of hearing is slowly and continuously going down. Doctors recommend that people who are constantly using headphones or those exposed to high blood pressure have a sensory test.   Be careful of tingling     The most distinctive feature of hearing loss is tinnitus in the head, tinitus in another name. This shows that serious loss of sense is experienced.   Are all the voices bad for us? Director of the Ear-Nose-Throat Department of the University of Southern California. John Oghalai states that the possibility of damage to our ear due to a high-stakes lived in a shorter time, indicating that this employee was extended on a more average level.   From this point of view, scientists have reached some definite conclusions about decibel levels. Experts say that we can listen to a sound of about 85 decibels safely for 8 hours. This is equal to the sound of a blender.   You can listen to a sound of 95 decibels equal to that of a motorcycle released 8 meters away in a safe way for only 4 hours. Of course, it is not so easy to find out how many decibel sounds your headset sounds, except for some applications.   It is important that you feel comfortable   Experts state that the general rule is comfort and that the voice in your ear should not be heard by people around you.   Ear-nose-throat specialist Dr. Samantha Anne states that if there is tinnitus in your ear after you remove your earpiece or after you have left the concert, or if the sounds around you become muffled, it is a sign that you are harming the ear.   DR. The mother says it helps with this, especially when the headphones that prevent the outside sound and allow you to listen to music at a lower level are used properly. Dr. Oghalai thinks that the earplugs that sit in the ear and cause the sound to be heard are the worst in terms of health.   The Verge, which produces technology-weighted media content in the United States, has done a simple research on this information, especially on headphones. Ashley Carman categorized how he changed the level of music he listened to according to his external voices on five different headphone types   Prefer soundproof headphones  

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