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Danish contemporary flower designer Nicolai Bergmann has teamed up with the design agency Onesal in Tokyo, so great animations appeared for the exhibition Hanami 2050 in Fukuoka, Japan. In the animations there are strange plants that you will be delighted to watch as Casey Curran is in his flowering kinetic sculptures . But this time the plants are digital.

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Extraterrestrial plants

The hypnotic animations created with the concept of "flowers of the future" are a sharp dive into the depths of the imagination of Onesal design team. In the films, the bright colored buds bloom with crispy noises, everywhere germinate and the plants dancing. You feel as if you are watching a botanical garden in an extraterrestrial garden or in a fantastic forest. Animation and design in the movies bear the signature of Diego Diapolo and Nahuel Salcedo .

Shinto temple Cycles presented in the Dazaifu Tenmangu The first photo below was displayed on the screens placed among the actual plants arranged by Nicolai Bergmann .

You can follow the work of the onesal design studio on Behance .

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Visual: Vimeo