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For the Autumn-Winter campaign Macy's described a woman's confrontation with the best possible version, and her attempt to capture this better twin . The Norwegian bank DNB applies this "doppelganger" idea in a completely different career choice context and collides a young woman with her different versions

Advertising agency The movie "Clones" by Try Oslo prepared to promote the bank's career counseling site. he tells in an interesting way the difficulties of choosing the right career. In the 90-second film directed by Joe Vanhoutteghem, we are watching different judgments of women's different clones as they make decisions about the future of a young woman.

Clones Representing Different Professions

The young woman we hear the head voice, Filmin thinks of being a doctor. On the one hand there is art lovers in it. At the same time, while the white doctor looks at the front, the painter clone goes into another place. The hostess clone comes up while the painter and the doctor clone hold onto a fight. Then there are dozens of clones representing different professions and they all go into quarrels. Moreover, they are all fighting tactics that confront their own profession. The cook clones throw the cake, the chemist breaks the test tube.

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Advertisement: DNB Bank
Advertising Agency: Try Oslo
Art Director: Egil Pay, Anette Bellika Finnanger, Sebastian Rasch
Advertisement Author: Mads Rolland Krogh, Lars Joachim Grimstad
Customer Relations Manager: Erika Mari Sandal
Service Company: Radioaktive Film
Director of Photography: Arne Eggen, Kristina Skogen
Production Company: Bacon
Producer: Øystein Dyb
Executive Producer: Magne Lyngner
Post Production Producer: Eli Mari Sandal : Daniel Voldheim
Coloring: Julien Alary
Sound Design: Adrian Aurelius
Music: "Figure it out" – Haviah Mighty

Visual: YouTube

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