You can try the Champions League in FIFA 18 for free

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With the start of the E3 2018 Event, which many athletes are eagerly waiting for, many games have shown themselves and attracted interest. One of them was FIFA 19 which closely related to football fans.


EA Sports likes FIFA 19, the next soccer game in the E3 2018 Event (EA Play), which closely favors gaming enthusiasts with a trailer. Previously there was a partnership agreement between Pro Evolution Soccer and Konami for the Champions League. With this deal ending in April, EA was quick to launch and announced that the Champions League content was presented to all players, including the Ultimate Team and The Journey, in FIFA 19 pack. With this news, EA Sports announced FIFA 18 for free for free . You will get a free trial on PS4, Xbox One and PC FIFA 18 is announced to be free of charge until June 15.






Expected Geldi Çattı: FIFA 19 Officially Announced!



The " Story " mode, which was previously included in the game, offers a cooler soccer experience. This year we will see football star Alex Hunter rising in story mode. The first feature we saw in FIFA 17 was highly acclaimed and continued to rise in FIFA 18.

EA also mentioned that there will be a lot of effective simulation changes in the new football game, but it did not give us any information about how long to wait. New developments and updates are expected to be announced before the game is released. PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC in the expected release date of the game is set to September 28. Finally, the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms will not include the new version

FIFA 19 sales figures are € 59.99 for Origin Standard Edition, € 79.99 for Origin Champions Edition, and € 89.99 for Origin Ultimate Edition







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