Women More Durable than Men –

– The work on the website of the journal "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" shows that women are more resistant than men in the crisis period .

Researchers have shown that even in the worst conditions, such as famine and epidemics, women are more likely to survive than men

The work on the website of the "National Academy of Sciences" magazine showed that women are more resistant than men in the crisis period. ]

In a study led by Virginia Zarulli of the University of Southern Denmark and James Vaupel of the University of Duke in the US, researchers examining early-life survivors of famine and disease cases analyzed death data dating back to about 250 years.

Historians have reported that women's normal life expectancy is higher than in men in times of crisis, such as famine and epidemics

Researchers say that the probability of survival of newborn infants during periods of crisis is higher than that of boys, and researchers have noted that the fact that women generally live longer than men on average life span is more resistant to infancy than infancy.

In an example of women's advocacy of immune defense against infectious diseases, the estrogen hormone in women has been cited as an example of the advantage that women have in the times of crisis, which may be due to biological factors such as genetics or hormones

In the study, it was observed that women lived an average of six months to four years more than men, even during periods when mortality rates were too high for both sexes.

For example, it was stated that the average life expectancy of children born during the famine that hit Ukraine in 1933 was 10.85 years for girls and 7.3 years for boys

The results show that the gender gap in life expectancy can not be fully explained by behavioral and social differences between sexes such as risk taking or violence.

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