With these seven rules, you can ensure that your garden is both functional and beautiful, as long as you are a lucky person with a tiny garden in front of your home. 7 golden rules to be applied to the design of small gardens. CLICK: Strange but effective 16 mind gardening application Rule 1: What you will pay most attention to when you organize your garden is the view from inside the garden house. The time to look at the garden from home all the year is more than the time you spend in the garden. So you should pay great attention to what you see when you look at it from the glass.   Rule 2: Use striking geometric shapes in courtyards and lawns. You might think that soft folds will make your garden look cute, but in a garden where plants grow and change shape constantly, sharp lines create contrast and make your garden look more elegant.   Rule 3: Do not complicate your garden, just think. Keep in mind that the three-wheel rule is also valid for gardens. For example, do not use more than three materials on floor slabs: grass, sandstone and gravel … so that your garden looks regular and consistent and does not get messy   Rule 4: Apply the three-union rule to the colors you use in the garden. You will paint the fences, the colors, the plants and the furnishings, the better your garden will look better if you do not take the color palette over the three.   Rule 5: Pay attention to lighting. Light your garden not only when you are in the garden, but also when you look inside the house. The garden should look as good as it is at noon in the summer of a winter night. Try to light the garden in layers. The first layer should be functional: light up the stairs, the living areas and the paths in the garden. The second layer illuminates the important places in your garden, the places you love your image. For example, a wall you like your texture, tiny trees and a decorative pool. Finally, add a main light that illuminates the entire garden.   Rule 6: Give importance to your privacy. It is difficult to design small gardens in such a way that they can not be seen from the outside, but you can overcome this problem with solutions such as easy growing plants, You can choose a part of the garden that does not appear from the outside, which is also a good place to think about where you will put the seating area.  

Rule 7: For most people, the main purpose of the garden is to create a space to sit on the open field. So think before you buy furniture. Do you want an area where you can eat in the green, or is it a garden where everyone will spread out to hammocks and sunbeds? If you do not have enough space to create both of them, you have to choose your furniture according to your priority.