With the appearance of the summer clothes, the underarms took their place at the beginning of the annoying topics. You will be able to solve at home with natural blends, such as razors, sweating, poor quality wax, pregnancy As High Heels, we offer definitive solutions to the underarms . You can use it to whiten different regions of the carbonated body. Blend the carbonated water with the paste to the consistency. Apply under armpit. After waiting about 15 minutes, wash your armpit. Aloe vera Aloe vera gel is a healing resource for the skin. You can use it to whiten your underarms, knees and elbows. For skin problems such as sunburn, redness and irritation, you can also benefit from aloe vera. Wait 20 minutes and wash after applying Jeli under armpit.


Lemon has a color-fading effect like relief scum. If you do not have a very delicate skin, you can use it to increase the brightness of the skin and whiten the skin.

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