with Mudurnu in Turkey 'the quiet town' number rose to 15 – Yeşilist

and historical texture, which has succeeded in protecting both the natural structure, giving people the importance of socialization, renewable energy and in the days when we were among the "calm cities" that used technological resources in the best possible way.


In 1999, Greve in Chianti, the city in order to raise the mayor Paolo Saturnini quality of life for self-assessment and developing the idea put forth a different development model "Cittaslow" movement, Turkey's first inhabitants of the city of Izmir's Seferihisar Mayor It was recognized with the practices of Tunç Soyer.


The Cittaslow movement aims to bring the Slow Food philosophy to the urban dimension and applies 70 criteria to it. Among these criteria is the need to implement policies that address the population below 50,000 and address environmental, infrastructure, social cohesion and urban quality.


Mudurnu houses have their own unique design


At the same time, these cities, which focus on artisans, cultures, history, food, and products, have developed a wide range of architectural barriers, from energy saving and waste disposal to bike roads and parks to air and water cleanliness it deals with the criteria


Signs of the Mudurnu artisans also draw attention. Photo: Strong Bases


If cities receive a score of more than 50% of the criteria after reviewing international committees and scientific committees, they will get the title of Calm City at the next Citta Slow meeting.


Akyaka district in Muğla, Eğirdir and Yalvac in Isparta, Gerze in Sinop, Gökçeada in Çanakkale, Halfeti in Şanlıurfa, Thursday in Ordu, Şavşat in Artvin, Seferihisar in İzmir, Taraklı in Sakarya , Erzurum, Uzundere, Kırklareli Visa, Yenipazar and Bolu Goynuk and now the number of residents, including Mudurnu 15 cities of Turkey Aydin came in.


Mudurnu Mayor Mehmet İnegöl, who is in a statement about the subject, said, "We are glad that the first leg of a job we have been making serious efforts for about 1.5 years has been successfully concluded. It is a very prestigious name for us to be involved in the network of tranquil cities. It is our goal to make the quality of our people's lives better, to give them the title that we have gained without moving away from our culture and traditions, and to pass on to the next generation. "

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