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Those who are children, those who want to have children. I know you're there. There are thousands of questions in your mind. Those who say "if there is a little help", this content comes for you.

We have gathered together for you guys who solve the difficulties of raising children in small numbers and clever ways.

Here are parents and methods who solve the difficulties of child rearing with clever methods

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1 # To protect toilet paper with a Gandalf replica (you shall not pass!

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 2 # The family that protects her baby with a touch of a small sheet when she gets fresh air. /> 


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The parents who found this method to protect their baby at the moment of shower  parent21 "width =" 605 "height =" 605 "/> </a> <br /> <strong> 5 # Family preventing a child from being locked in the room with a tire </strong> <br /> <a href=  parent # 20 "width =" 605 "height =" 696 "/> </a> <br /> A genius way for your kids </strong> <br /> <a href=  <img data-expand=