Why in Your Home Should You Never Kill a Spider?

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You have come to your house to reconcile all the issues in the day and rest. A spider came out with a very uncomfortable image in the face of an instant you want to be lazy. We know it will be difficult to be persuaded, but scientists say that you should not kill spiders in your home.


People love to build their houses in isolation from the outside world. We are not pleased that flies, insects enter the area we live in. Among the many species that enter our home without permission are spiders. In fact, spiders are able to reproduce more easily because they are freed from other threats in our homes. If you can produce a spider in your home, it means you can find food. I mean, the other end of the tragedy is the end, maybe they bring the spiders you see as more disturbing to them.

Scientist Matt Bertone and his colleagues, who published a survey of 50 houses in the US state of North Carolina, succeeded in finding spiders throughout the homes they visited. The most common species they came up with were the members of the Theridiidae family, which have the most common spider species in the world. These spiders are known for their cottony irregular nets. Another common spider species was the Pholcidae spiders we knew with our long thin legs. We are going to look down on both of them, and you will certainly remember from somewhere:

These two species of spiders also knit their nets at a certain time, and then they turn to their webs when they are hungry. The real issue is the things these spiders feed on. Almost every insect in your home that is likely to carry disease is their target. For example, they love mosquitos. Sometimes, even if the number of their species in the region is high, they can also eat them. They know how to keep a reference number in balance.

Of course, it is extremely natural to be afraid of spiders. Eight-legged structures are uncomfortable to be aware of the presence of toxic species, and to get your teeth into your flesh. These fascinating creatures now have friendly relationships and have dedicated their lives to exploring them. If they can scare this fear, everyone can beat.

Spider species that we commonly find in our homes actually prefer to stay away from humans. One can understand that we are a more dangerous species by adding to the utility account they provide us. In fact, according to the researches, it has not been observed that the species that live in houses bite people. In addition, even the wild species known as the black moon are extremely rarely bite people so that they do not prefer the living environment to live.

If you encounter a spider in your house, you will probably get your time to catch it. Most of the time you will avoid your hand, and he will go to his own home some other time. It will constantly displace you, protect you from the most harmful pests. Most of the time we do not even know what they are doing.







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