Why Car Tires Always Produced in Black Color

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The vehicle wheels are always black; it is entirely related to paint technology. In other words; The technology of tires is not the pleasures or aesthetic concerns, but the technology is determined.


The wheel has two main raw materials. The first one is rubber. Natural rubber made from rubber wood and artificial rubber obtained from petroleum are added to rubber dough at appropriate ratios according to usage area. The total amount of rubber in the wheel is between 60 and 80%. The rubber gives the wheel flexibility and increases the friction coefficient. The natural rubber is brown. Artificial rubber can be white, yellow, brown or transparent.

The second main raw material is is. What we know is the result of burning. Well, it is a very bad dust that is transmitted in black color and quickly! If you come in contact with any of your clothes, you will have to either completely dress it up, or throw it away. There are 20 to 40% of the islands in the wheel.

The main duty of IS is to extend the life of the tire by giving resistance to wear. But your wheel also reduces the coefficient of friction, ie its ability to hold. For example, the wheel that is not inserted into the car stops the car instantly when the brakes are applied. In any case, life can be only 10-20 kilometers. The wheel that is overworked is very strong and durable, but it can corner without hitting the barriers in the width of the airport. (I guess why the tire is constantly changing at the Formula races, now I guess.)

No paint made with today's technology is strong enough to cope with business. No matter how much paint is thrown into the wheel dough, the wheel still remains black. Besides, since it will ruin the composition, paint etc. in the wheel. it is unlikely to add too many additional ingredients.

And a final note: The exception is the colorful wheels of children's bicycles. Less effective but paintable additives can be used instead of work, as they are subject to much lower load and wear compared to other vehicles






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