Whopper Leap to Cinematography by Entering the Exploded Egyptian Cove • Bigumigu

From time to time advertising campaigns; the country is shaped by agenda, conjuncture or new regulations or laws. Burger King's "King Popcorn" activation is a good example of this as a result of the new law on food consumption in cinemas in Peru

The arrangement for cinema in Peru predicted that only food and drinks sold in the halls would be consumed. However, with the new arrangement made in March, the release of food and drink from the outside was released. Still, the job is not that simple, because the new arrangement; but the condition that the imported food is similar to the ones sold inside is also conditional. So it is still not possible to bring something that is not sold in from the outside, but you can bring your own things like popcorn and soft drinks.

Burger King, which has many restaurants close to movie theaters, found a way to pierce this new law. "King Popcorn" work by McCann Lima to allow Whoppers to enter the cinema; The lamb is literally a hack. On the one hand, Whopper aims to increase sales while translating the changing market into a marketing and communication opportunity.

Whopper and Potato Hiding in the Egyptian Box

The solution for the study is simple. Since I can not bring anything other than the food sold in the cinema outside, I had to keep Whopper in the way they were, or rather to hide it under the view of those foods. The "King Popcorn" created for this reason looks like a huge popped corn cardboard, much like the one sold in cinemas. This product with corn on it actually consists of layers. When the Egyptian first layer or lid is lifted, Whopper and fried potatoes are beneath it.

The practice began on the day when the new law entered into force. King Popcorn sales have started in the mall and movie theaters with the Burger King store. Although this hack is noticed, the cinemas start to ban King Popcorn, but activation is a big support and appreciation in social media. As a result, Burger King has increased its sales by 40% despite the boycott of the cinemas.

This is not Burger King's first hacking test, of course. Burger King infiltrated Google Home devices and turned to an unexpected situation and talked about his brand.

In his work, which lasted a year and won prizes at races like Cannes Lions,

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Creative Director: Kevin Contreras
Advertiser: Burger King Peru
Creative Agency: McCann Lima
Creative Director: Christian Caldwell, Mauricio Fernandez Maldonado
Customer Representative: Pamela Gómez
Production: Alonso Palomino
Animation: Daniel Carhuanca Producer: Fértil
Sound Studio: Sin Anestesia
Client: Diego Torrejon, Christian Córdoba

Visual: YouTube – McCann Lima