What will happen to these children?

One of the greatest challenges of the new generation of parents is that parenting should take more seriously … Unlike previous generations, we thought that there was something worrying about performance, such as "going to school", "preparing for exams"

And we started to read … We started reading the texts on the Internet. We started to read the share of parents abroad. We started writing at the point where reading was not enough.

Facebook was not a digital media giant at the time, but it was a medium we met with our primary school friends years later. Twitter was new. Instagram was vitamin C in orange.

Social media did not exist today, but there were blogs. We also wrote.

We got pregnant, we got it. We were afraid of birth, we wrote. We were born, we wrote. We were breastfeeding, not breastfeeding, we were sleepy, we were alone, but we always wrote.

One of the greatest challenges of contemporary mothers is parent blogs written by mothers whose majority, if any, learn to be a mother in a whole new era.

Friendships were born there, associations were born, partnerships were born and today we have got many friends who we share our daily life and our children's school.

We are a group mothers blog writer, united around similar troubles. We protested violations of women's rights at birth and later objected that the pensions were subjected to family / neighborhood pressure, then we forced our mothers working in institutional life to return to work early and to breastfeed their babies as they deserved. And at the point where our children left all these periods behind and came to school, we all started asking the same question: "What about these children?"

The only choice was to choose between giving our children to a state school like we were going to, and sending them to private schools claiming to be a five-star hotel. Thousands of liras in our many years will not be able to give our eyes away; we would give up on the idea of ​​making a brother to just send the child to the private school, and we all thought it would be enough. We were mistaken when you sent our child to a private school and offered him a "good life" alone; I see that the main problem is that the backwardness of state schools is beyond the parent-centered policies of private schools.

Today, the failure of the education system in Turkey, an increasingly retrogressive grappling, worldwide "mass education" that takes in shock, we see that questioning the existence of the school. We may be outnumbered, but we are not inadequate. We are still worried, but we are not desperate. Because we know that the voices that grow increasingly say, "This is not the case."

As parents, we remind ourselves that while we ask, "What is going to happen to this education?", Whoever we are, wherever we are, we have the power to change the system. Because we are the system.

If we do not like the system, we can not wait for someone else to change.

We will wait until tomorrow

to talk about all these We will be in the Symposium on Thinking of the Future in Education together with the Sleepless Anneler Club

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