What we have to do for heart health

Currently, cardiovascular diseases are the most important cause of death in the middle and advanced age group and cover about 30% of global deaths. Nearly half of deaths due to noncommunicable diseases worldwide are caused by heart and vascular diseases. The vast majority of these deaths depend on heart attack and stroke. It is estimated that approximately 250-300 thousand new coronary artery disease patients per year in our country.

Okan University Hospital, Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist, says

"The rapid, urban life conditions and stress and bad nutrition habits, obesity and diabetes, as well as the widespread use of cigarettes, pose great risks for cardiovascular health. Lecturer. The member Salih Salihi explained the 8 golden rules required for a healthy heart.

Be careful to feed

Proper nutrition does not mean making diet because diet is meant to make temporary changes in eating habits. It is poor in saturated fat; fiber, antioxidant, monounsaturated fat and a diet rich in fish have a positive effect on cardiovascular diseases. Foods containing omega-3 fatty acids also inhibit keratin formation and vascular hardening. In addition, fish consumption and cardiovascular disease have been reported to result in a decrease in mortality rate. Trans oils should be avoided, processed foods should not be consumed at all. The daily amount of salt should be kept below 5 grams.

Get rid of your excess weight

The causes leading to hypertension are overweight at the beginning. Your ideal weight should be protected, you should not take too much weight, you should exercise for it.


Today, we are starting to move less and less day by day because of the facilities such as automobiles, escalators and lifts. However, inadequate physical activity and physical condition impairment are important risk factors for the development of cardiovascular diseases. Stairs should be used instead of elevators, walking should be preferred instead of going to the nearest places by car. Take care to exercise at least 30 minutes a day for 3 days a week for your heart health. It should not be forgotten that the physical exercise is useful in a regular way.

Stay away from the Stresten

Now that we can not find a stress free life, we need to know how to handle it with stress. Stress, anger and depression increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. If you are under stress in this situation, first consider the reasons that put you in trouble. If you are having difficulty removing these problems, you can get an expert help. Some relaxation techniques and psychotherapy help to maintain heart health by reducing discomfort and stress. Inner peace and happiness in the family environment are very effective in preserving the health of the heart.

Leave the cigarette

Today, smoking is the first order of preventable death causes. Smoking causes blockage of the heart vessels and therefore heart attacks. Cigarette smoking also increases the risk of having a heart attack again. Passive exposure to cigarette smoke also increases the risk. That's why you should definitely quit smoking for your heart health.

Take control of your blood sugar

Blood sugar diabetes not taken under good control can be considered as a risk factor for cardiovascular health. The American Diabetes Association notes that for heart health, fasting blood sugar should be less than 120 mg / dl and glucose hemoglobin should be less than 7 percent. To control your blood sugar, take care to eat well, reach your ideal weight, and exercise regularly for at least 2 days and 30 minutes a week.

Take control of your blood pressure

One of the other risk factors of cardiovascular diseases is hypertension. You should remember to do your blood pressure checks on a regular basis. If you have a problem with hypertension and you are young, middle-aged or diabetic, note that your target blood pressure is below 130/85 mmHg and below the advanced fascia is 140/90 mmHg. For this, reach the ideal kiln, limit salt intake to 5 grams, increase your physical activity and do not smoke

Do not forget to have your heart check

Some of the cardiovascular diseases go sneaky without any symptoms. For this reason, early diagnosis plays a major role in the successful treatment of diseases. Regular tests can also be used to detect diseases before they become serious


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