What is the cause of nasal obstruction obesity?

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Prof. Dr. The draw said that obesity, which is described as "ages and bones", is a deterioration of the nasal breathing of many people who are factors other than malnutrition and inactivity.

Professor of Health Sciences University, Professor of Otorhinolaryngology. Dr. Engin Çekin said he should not perceive nasal obstruction which most people frequently complain about as a simple disruption of life comfort, in his statement to his AA correspondent.

Drawing on the underlying cause and many other illnesses that followed, depending on the underlying cause, Çekin said, "The nasal obstruction caused by various causes

He used expressions.

Metabolic balance disrupted

Prof. Dr. Abraham Engin Çekin said that when nasal respiration is not predominant, it increases the susceptibility to infections through reduction of some of the receptors here, breathing becomes superficial, respiration rate increases, lung capacity decreases and body temperature decreases.

The problem, that the nose and the nitric oxide produced in the sinuses are reduced and the oxygen and carbon dioxide balance in the neighbor is disturbed, Çekin said.

"The result is increased levels of free oxygen radicals and hence inflammation in the body. Inevitably, the balance of metabolism is impaired and the organism becomes more vulnerable to other harmful agents. As daily activities begin to be affected, the person gains weight unevenly. These problems increase by feeding each other in a vicious cycle and the process continues to process in the worst direction. One of the many influences other than malnutrition and inactivity, which are the main factors of obesity, which is defined as the cigarette of our age, is the deterioration of the nasal respiration. Therefore, in order to achieve healthy weight and to give excess weight, it is first necessary to turn bodily functions into natural state and activate nasal breathing. "

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"The reasons for nasal obstruction in general are; "There may be infectious diseases, various anatomical changes, personality and mediating factors, or good or malignant tumors," said Çeken, explaining that the distinction between these causes and the treatment, if necessary, is the task of otolaryngologist


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