What Happens When Moldy Bread Yenir?

Loss of Molded Bread Yemen

"Molded bread and rotten fruit must not be consumed as they contain carcinogenic substances at very high rates"

Moldy bread, rotten fruit and other moldy foods contain carcinogenic substances and should not be consumed. It is very wrong to consume a moldy bread.

The cause is that the moldy bread is actually a feeding area infested by millions of mushrooms and other living things. These fungi have the possibility to live on bread and as a result they can produce very toxic waste materials. Many of the molds produce poisons called mycotoxins (mold poison).

The construction of these poisons never breaks with cooking. These poisons have such a sturdy structure that they do not break even at 360 degrees. These poisons generally do not cause serious harm to people once they are consumed, but they can cause various health problems in the liver when they are consumed for a long time and at a high rate.

Fruit and vegetables that start to mold are also consumed very badly.

If some of the food is moldy, throw away all of them

It is a common mistake to cut molds and other parts of bread, fruit and other foods. Because the parts that seem to be moldless, the amount of mold can be found quite a lot. A moldy food is a food that needs to go to garbage. Consuming these nutrients on behalf of saving is very wrong and a serious health waste.

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