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We are our heroes as much as our anneleles do not do as they do. It's as important as they love us not to print. They learn from their mistakes and become our hero. We need to be on balance as we grow up because we are always on the run. Those hundreds of overturned titles are somehow kind of volleyballs. What does a mother really do for a child? ING Bank and Publicis Istanbul Anneliler Gün ad looking for the answer to this question. The answer is also given to the mothers of the ING employees.

They are our hero as long as they do not do it

The filming of the advertisement filminin took place in Istanbul and Kahramanmaras. In the ad, ING's employees tell their mothers "what they are not doing" for their sons. An employee's mother says, "I did not do what they wanted," and the other says "I did not pressure you for your marriage." Especially in the message of the mothers, the message is emphasized that how children are raised as individuals as powerful and independent. And of course, thanks to their mother who raised them, they are not missed. So the advertisement gives the message that the mothers are heroes as well as they did.

Despite being the Movie of the Anniversary, it is still very nice on the topic of reading for girls. Filli Boya reminds me of the March 8 advertisement . The music of the Balkan musician Goran Bregović as the music on the back, is chosen for the song of Ederlezi, which will be fitted to the radar of the ears that recognize this song.

Advertising Agency: Publicis Istanbul Advertiser: ING Bank
Advertiser Team: Feyza Tamer, Gökçe Say, Bengisu Dinçer
Strategic Planning Team:
Executive Team Creative Director: Can Faga
Creative Team: Cihangir Silver, Erdem Köksal, Deniz Şencan, Fatih Düzyol
Customer Relations Team: Letisya Taşçı, Emre Küçüksöz, Yasemin Baykara,
Redaction: Özer Üstel
Production Team: Arzu Köksal, Hüseyin Sert
Workshop: Yahya Mayda, Mehmet Haşcıoğulları ] Production Company: Autonomy
Directed by: Gazali Görüryılmaz

Visual: YouTube

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