What do you say to yours today? May 16, 2018 Comment on Wednesday horoscope for Wednesday , The "High Heels" team prepared for you. Astrology For those interested in the information in our writing, you can learn what is awaiting what is mysterious. Daily horoscope interpretations May 16, 2018 KOÇ BURCU Dear Coaches, today is not a good time to question yourselves. You're very good if you concentrate on your main goal. Soon you will start a new adventure. Take advantage of the energy created by the planets and investigate the source of some of your failures. This may not be easy, but it is good for you to be sure of some issues. Be honest with yourself. BOĞA BURCU Dear Bull, b The great meditation period that began several weeks ago has been completed. It means you have to go back to the real world again! You will have to test how you work in everyday life. You may experience some real changes. Be prepared! THE PEOPLE BURCU Dear Gemini, a You do not like talking about your life, but today is the day of the conversation. Things that are dishonest will not be seen today. Based on rightness and rightness, you want to confront your partner, your friend or a family member. YENGGE BURCU Do not let the weight of your words shade your relationship. Dear Crabs, you can plan a trip for your career. You will want to stay home to organize this plan perfectly. A number of small events you've been doing at work recently may inspire strange ideas. You should be aware of your needs to change the scene. ASLAN BURCU Dear Lions, today you can bother people a bit. Nothing is not good enough and nobody seems to know exactly what you want. This can lead to conflict and dissatisfaction. If you are asked to check the arguments, do not accept it! You do not want to take the opposite of me, do you?


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Dear Virgins, when you wake up this morning you may feel an oppressive mood. Unfortunately, misunderstanding and disagreement seem to last all day. It's an ideal time to talk about anything that bother you! Do not lose your warrior soul today. Otherwise, you may be the target of a surprise attack.


Dear Libra, The mood you are in today can be the end of unforgettable encounters. At first, you can cut off a little enemy to someone who interferes with freedom. Then suddenly you will realize that this person is special, interesting and absolutely ordinary. Finally, you will see that the features they are asking are what you need most now


Dear Akrepler, it may be time for you to build your future for you. Hopefully you look tired from life and happiness. But your determination is so strong that you can even surprise yourself. You will develop your approach and further embody it in the coming days. Today is the first day of a new life for you.


Dear Springs, It's an ideal day to address all the questions you have in mind over the last few weeks. You should pay particular attention to questions that touch your emotional experience. If you are in unsatisfying relationships at this time, do not be afraid to leave them behind. If you are worried about a request that you think you will be missed, let go.


Dear Capricorn, Your insecurity can increase. You have not been afraid to stand in the spotlight for a long time, perhaps you feel you are not ready yet. Now stop talking about the rules. Be ready or not, you need to progress. You are proud of what you lost and this is your most precious asset.


Dear Chases, you have some questions about your career in the past few weeks. Today you can clarify these questions. You may be a little clearer in your feelings about your future. You should now leave your worries on the edge and come from above. You are in good shape for this!


Dear Fishes, your balance status is very good in the last few weeks. You'll find a way to take a little more time in your life and show you what you are up to. In your successes, you are as stable as your failures. You may have noticed that you need to make improvements on your own.

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