Westworld 2nd season 4 episode "The Riddle of the Sphinx"


Westworld We know you miss the first season since the second season started. The fourth episode we opened with Rolling Stones' Play with Fire gives us all the first season we are looking for.

Since the first season of Westworld, we have been trying to keep pace with the dynamic operation of the series with a series of detailed reviews and sequential theories. The explanations made in the fourth chapter show that we are on the right track so far. This review will be a little happier to make estimates come true, but a bit more mature and evolving than ourselves. But let me talk a little bit first.

Almost every part of Westworld comes from the hands of different directors. Some directors appear in two or three sections, while others manage one chapter. If the fourth episode created the flavor left by the first season, we can say that the director of the episode behind it is big. So for the first time we want to solve that mystery for you. This section is better than the other three episodes published throughout the season Lisa Joy .

We wrote in our past reviews, too, because Joy, the creator of the series, sat in the director's seat for The Riddle of the Sphinx and brought us to the part we were looking for. This season, when Anthony Hopkins was not present, made him feel absent. At least until this division. This episode brought us together with the acting as well as the shooting. We watched a section where James Delos giving life to Peter Mullan was very successful. The absence of Ed Harris, who dropped the division a bit in our opinion in the absence of last season, was another increment of the episode. This part is so good that some of the shootings were completed to the players. But let's lie to our eyes in such a section Thandie Newton did not call Maeve. Now come on, let's make a little bit of it.

The Bible of the Sphinx

Let's talk a little bit about the name of Lisa Joy because it's a chapter out of her hands. The Sphinx's puzzle is a direct reference to mythology. Since we are inspired by Greek mythology in many places in the series we will proceed from Greek mythology at this point. There is a Sphinx asking riddles in Greek mythology. In fact, only has a single sphinx . This Sphinx guarding the gate of Thebes is asking the riddles of the arrivals. If you do not know the riddle, you die. What kind of ties can this have with the knee?

There are two puzzles the Sphinx asks. One of skillfully said: "Which creature is first, then four, then two, then three feet?" This answer is human. The human being is walking on four legs when he is a baby, then he starts to walk with two feet, and when he is old he is walking with the help of a walking stick. This riddle connects us to divide. Because Delos wants to turn the robots into people. But the example in his hand is James Delos. I mean, a person already on the adult line aged . They want to create with a single touch, away from development. But James Delos' mind is not able to sit it down and it is constantly breaking down. In other words, the Sphinx bibliography can not be resolved by William . We will discuss the importance of this in the theories.

The Sphinx has another mystery. "Two sisters give birth to the first two. The second one is born on the other side. Who is these sisters? "The answer to this question is day and night . In the following periods, our anticipation may come back, so we wanted to record a note.

We can discover the night and the day of the year,

Room behind the door

As you know, we do not waste time after each episode, but we take it on the sites of Delos. One of them is When we enter the site with the password of James Delos, which appears in the first part of Hale's second season on this site, there is an antagonistic door coming out and a room behind the door. We've told you about this room before. Peter Abernathy was one of the bases of our theory. We are familiar with the room we saw when it started this season. Because this room was the room behind that door we reached by entering our password with our aquarium, our seats. We were a little surprised at that moment. We always thought that that door was depicted at but we were wrong.

James Delos' robot welcomed us. This was something we understood at first glance, because when Delos was milking, he picked it up and continued milking for a while. We have seen this scene before . At first, the same procedure was done by the robots and it was checked whether the glass filled correctly. So William's next statement was not so surprising. But one of the beautiful spots in this place was shooting. Moving the camera in the room without slipping "without a rule" symbolized the time spent in the room. So Delos was in there. This process, which was just started when William first came, 7 years later 31. klona has arrived. During this time, Delos's wife died, but William's wife, Juliet, lived. Finally we learned that this return has been going on for 30 more years. Shortly before the disappearance of the park, William came back again. 149.

We actually talked a lot about Prometheus in the past season, but this cycle of James Delos again brought the story of my mind, Prometheus. Prometheus, the immortal, proclaimed fire to mankind stolen from the gods. This brought civilization and progress along with it. But Zeus did not forgive him and punished Prometheus. The immortal Prometheus was tied to a rock every day an eagle came and ate Prometheus's liver . Liver was renewed the next day and Prometheus was again and again condemned. On the other hand, when it comes to Delos, things change a little. The immortal robot of Delos had to face the same pain and nervousness at the end of each cycle and finally face
to be destroyed . But perhaps this story is not Delos Prometheus but the fire he stole? Because the progress that allows Delos to last at least 35 days can present eternity to people. We will go down in a much deeper time. But we wanted to point out why Delos reminded us of Prometheus again.

Another thing we learned from the James Delos sequence is that Delos company has not yet produced human clones. immortality has not been discovered yet.

People should not live forever

The most critical point in the talk of William and Delos was that William was no longer so enthusiastic about this project. The weird thing is, we can not be sure that William talked about himself in the last conversation or about Delos. Especially when everyone says that they prefer memories instead.

At this point we still see a very impressive break. The sadness of Delos, who heard Juliet's death, the pain that it takes is obvious from anyway. We know that Logan died a long time ago from drug abuse. James Delos, there is no house left behind, even if you get eternity. His life extends only as far as the people who remember you. "William seems to have changed his mind about countless cycles of death in the park, no doubt about his death. Speaking to confederates who once flee from Dolores, William emphasizes that death is the ultimate.

It is obvious that his wife is carrying the regret of this suicide character on his shoulders. Juliet is completely irreversible and the character is in the breakpoints. Especially at this point where he blames himself, his daughter obviously agrees with him. We told her that the mysterious woman in the last season of Raj World was acting as William's daughter with the same logic. We saw this part right. William is very confident that her daughter will want to see her dead. This makes us think that what she is looking for in the park is the secret production area where her grandfather's robot is imprisoned. Recall that you wrote 12 on this door in Sector 22.

The sweetest detail between the James Delos and William encounters is that William asked James "Is there anything important that you do not understand?" When William came to the park for the first time, when he was going to choose his weapons and costume, he asked Angela if it was real, and Angela gave the same answer.

One of the delightful details in the episode was that William was increasingly aging. On his first visit, William's younger, younger, hair was bleached and wrinkled. Reflected as a nice detail.

Ford's game

We wrote in our past reviews that Ford will not let the game flow without suicide without a plan. Because the god complex in Ford was very strong. Of course, the orchestra that plays this story, which it composed in its own world, will stop itself. Would you like the new story? "Maybe he will ask thousands of dead. Ford was an ego-like character who could not kill himself. A single game of mind like that could not have been a simple system mistake that would pass dozens of people through lead.

We thought that the cause of Bernard's drift by Clementine was Dolores, but this chapter understands that this order gave Clementine personally Ford . Because Ford's plan has certain times. We will explain this in the theory section. It is possible to observe that Bernard has been dragged for a while because his trousers are now worn and torn from dragging. Here, Elsie
welcomed us that we were finally looking forward to seeing since we finally passed. William " Ford seems to be reconvening again." "When Willy and Lawrence's adventure evolved towards Las Mudas, where Lawrence's family lived in the way of the duo. In the next scene, we see that Clementine from Ford's order brought Bernard to Elsie .

Elsie, who had begun to unravel some things in the past season, was knocked out by Bernard. But we did not see you dead. Therefore, we have not been wrong to mention that our examinations will definitely come out of our minds. With Elsie, a brand-new curtain opened up. Because Ford ordered Bernard to arrest Elsie there . So he knew he would need Elsie later. Interestingly it should not have thought our character would oppose it. If we look at Elsie's case, we think that our character's disappearance and presence are not very long. Particularly thirst can be less than a week if the account is joined. At this point, a sentence Bernard said is of particular importance. When Elsie asks our character if Ford is under the influence, Bernard said, " Ford is dead." But does not mean that Ford's death will not affect our character.

With the advent of Elsie, Bernard is passing us through door 12, as William's journey. Located in sector 22, this door opens to the private production area, where James Delos is produced. Why is this information important to us? Because Bernard had come here before . Also recently from Ford's stunning death . Let's explain the time frame immediately. William left the field of production, wanting to be destroyed for a while to study the deterioration of the 149th copy. Everyone was still alive when he left. Bernard came later . It was supposed to be that he was not even there. Already, one of the officers is surprised before the drone hosts kill the men and says " You are not supposed to be here ". Bernard, who steals an advanced control unit and puts it in his pocket, kills everybody there and leaves. Later William began to massacre Ford's new game before finding the opportunity to return there. The 149th clone is slowly delirious when the mind is decomposing . It is actually depicted here how a person perverts in real life. It's just a robot dressed in her pants. Before the Elsie clone was destroyed, we see that is still 80% of the degradation. So he keeps the time zone.

All this time flow is one of the main stones of our theory.


Do not think that the James Delos clone that came up with this episode would have thrown away our theory of Peter Abernathy. Hele thinks that all this awareness is happening with the awakening of Abernathy. First of all, let's talk about the door behind The letter "Find Peter Abernathy" was removed from the room where the James Delos scenes were improved and the room with a few more sketches came to life . He's gone to a lot of us. We think this is related to Bernard using a one-time key .

I will come to Bernard. We said that Bernard would create time complexity in this section. Our character confuses memories because of the head injury he has, and he does not understand when. He said, "" I'm actually not here right now. "And he actually really remembered the memories of the moment elsewhere. Bernard does not understand which one is the old one because his memories are floating in an empty space. This shows that the Dolores scene we saw at the beginning of the second season is an old memory . Likewise, Bernard's completing the phrase of Delos's job on the beach may not be as true as we think it is. Bernard recalls that moment that moment and completes the words. It's just like Elsie. " Actually, I'm not here?" "Like he said. This explains all confusing questions. It's like the same robot repeatedly dying from different angles in the first episode. Because we are moving in Bernard's memories. Another opening detail on the sites is Bernard's brain . If you try to restore the backup from the security panel, you can open Bernard's brain according to your choice. There is one moment that can be seen right now, but in total there are 6 important moments . One is Elsie's reboot.

White Pearl and Red Pearl If you choose whitelist with security panel, you are taking you to Bernard. " You came to the right place. " But, unfortunately, it does not give any other information to improve it. Also note that the security panel Park 2 Shogun World, has been added. Currently, there is only one welcome message. But the panel knows that Sizemore is there. On the map at, it is unfortunately noted that the followers of Sizemore and Maeve are missing. Dolores is moving north as he says.

In our theory of locals, we think that we are justified. The locals gathering all the lost guests have lost a kind of game "creating the scene.

We think that they have all gathered in a close area so they can start again.


To the main point of the coming chapter. our theory. The main theory of this section is entirely Ford . Because now we can say that the index is the point of dissolution.

When we saw that Ford calculated almost everything, we witnessed him stealing Bernard's control unit used in James Delos . If you remember, Ford had mentioned to anyone that he could not understand the robots like Bernard and himself . We think that it would not be surprising that a mind that created them would be left under a complicated code that is "almost complete" according to William. Accordingly, Ford has made various tests on the new control unit. He used Peter Abernathy in these tests. Abernathy, triggered by the memories of James Delos, is experiencing a break when she sees her photo. After that, he wants to meet "creator". However, of course, Ford continues to cover up the business and keeps Abernathy in the warehouse.

I will come to the next plan. Ford is convincing Dolores of consciousness. But what he did was to excavate the story of Wyatt at the bottom . Just like Arnold did. Arnold also uploaded the story of Wyatt to Dolores to kill himself . But Ford's plan is also taking a step further. Elsie, who is very talented in the code, is tasking another old and loving robot to deliver Bernard where he is locked. If you remember, Ford's hülyaları was also called in Clementine . What is it for?

The answer is, of course, the resurrection, as you might expect, while watching the episode. Moreover, the Ford plan has been announced for the first time. Ford, who told Bernard that one day even the measurements could be resurrected, says that we can remove Lazarus from the cave . Peki Who is Lazarus ?

Lazarus is the master figure of one of the miracles of Jesus. Being aware that Lazarus, who is one of Jesus' followers, is very sick, Jesus sees Lazarus dead when he comes in. The Jesus who went to the tomb of Lazarus, who was in the tomb of four days pushed the stone at the entrance to the tomb and called Lazarus out . Lazarus comes out of his grave.

4. Lazarus, who rose from day to day, makes us think that Ford might have been inspired here . Ford, who designed the resurrection with the plan 4 days following the massacre, is preparing to return to Lazarus himself. He will do this with the help of the outside. At this point, the main question of this theory is how far Ford's intelligence can record on this complex control unit .

This brings us to the Sphinx's knowledge. If Ford solves the puzzle, it must have observed the influence of having a human being in an adult state suddenly on the control unit. Returning to a state in this case means a solutionless cycle. It does not make sense for William to solve in a week and create himself suddenly, which he said "They will solve a couple of years". But if he decides not to go in small steps … Remember, we told Maeve that the trending did not return on his own volition during the season's final. That is the writing. Maeve did not even admit that all of this was still connected to a script. But the train did not get away from it anyway. Because he was looking for your child. The child Ford directed him … It is actually a bit obvious where this theory goes. We wrote in the first episode of the second season that Maeve's depiction was made in the generic. In her lap there was a baby . But Maeve's child was not a baby. Maybe we're talking about a kid aged 7-8. At this point, Ford's knot seems to be solved with the Sphinx's knowledge. Ford, who took Lazarus out of his grave, seems to have made some adjustments. But obviously we do not expect to see this solved until the end of the season. Because it would be a real surprise.

Ford's messages to William continue. William, who said that the game ends where it started, starts where it ends. He also says that he does not understand what the game is. If you are looking forward to the wrong way. "Ford, like he wants to take William to the past. However, we still do not have enough data for this riddle. The interesting thing is that as we said at the beginning of the article, it is the Sphinx's 2 principles. Can the second puzzle be this game Ford wrote for William? Let me tell you more interestingly, when the Sphinx's two puzzles are solved the Sphinx kills itself . If you remember how to solve the puzzle, he was dying. This riddle seems to take us to very different places.



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