Weekly weekly interpretation of Astrologer Başak Tanyeri prepared for your comment Capricorn weekly horoscope interpretation

Beloved Capricorn, we are under the influence of the New Moon that will take place in Aries this week. The house brings a new movement to your family life.

If you are thinking of a solution, you can now move or repair / innovate at home. If you live with your family, perhaps you may think that by now it's time for you to stand on your feet alone. There may be Capricorns who will start working from home. Some Capricorns can also start new jobs, so they can be reduced when you spend at home. You are in pleasant times in the sense of relativity. You must feel loved, peaceful and full of confidence. If you feel a weakness, reluctance at any time, now that you have the time to throw away your dead land, you can move on.