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You are trying to organize the best day for your budget, your loved ones and yourself. Of course it is understandable to worry a little. But you have to be able to manage your stress and prepare the whole organization with a healthy and clear consciousness. As a High Heels team we have prepared wedding preparations guides to make you happy on the most special day of your life;

It is natural to stretch and enter the ströse before the wedding. Though they will be with you on that day and share your happiness, that day is your day. Decide if you really want what you want, and avoid things that disturb your nightlife. Identify what you want to do with your partner and get ideas from third parties only. Apply what you like.

Good intentions friends and family will want to get involved . But from the very beginning, take a joint decision with your partner and let them know it. Only your two joint decisions will be implemented. If you do not put this attitude in your head, then you will stay among your loved ones. Of course listen to your recommendations, but do not think you mean that you will do everything. Ask for an idea and do it for you. The biggest mistake you will make on this special day is that you try to make everyone happy.

If you turn this into a focal point,

Financial stability starts before getting married. Consider your budget and set it up for your wedding. Stay within those boundaries. Bear in mind that financial stability will be one of the important stones of your marriage while you continue your marriage in the future. Stay away from the exaggerations. Of course you also have a wedding dream, but do not have to pay a 3-year loan for a night that will last for a day and aim to share your happiness with your friends. You just do as much as you can. Somehow, it is not possible to make everyone happy even in the most perfect wedding. In addition, you and your partner are the two most important people that should be happy on this knot.

Early selection is important!

Do not leave things to the last sun. Prepare details such as the dress shawl, flat shoes that you would like to have with your wife, dance, and wedding dress beside you . Do not forget to make your hair and make-up a week beforehand and have a demo. You can not relax with a model you never know for your special day.

Give your responsibilities to your relatives!

Trust your friends, ask them to help you that night and give them some minor tasks. You can find the ricadas from your close friends to meet the guests and place them on their desk according to their names. For the cake you will be ordering for your elders, you can go to a few places to look at their taste and to say their ideas. You also make them feel that they are involved in this wedding. However, when giving these assignments, be sure that you are people who are responsible and safe.

Plan and check!

Record a list of the phone numbers and names of your partners, such as the manager of the place that will work with you, the florist, the music group, the decorator, the pastry shop. Record what you are going to do, what time you will arrive, and the words you have given to this book and hand it over to someone you trust, so make sure you go early and do these checks while you are preparing.

Stay away from exaggeration!

The more detailed and exaggerated you are preparing, the more likely you are to set off. Do your hand in your hand and let it flow. Then the energy will be smoother, so you do not easily wear socks. Also, if there are some minor problems, do not overtake yourself and miss out on that day. Whatever happens, that day will be special for you. Always be happy!

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