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The problems of motherhood or paucity are not spoken very often, they are not expressed. However, puerperium depression is a vital issue. The Australian social responsibility organization Gidget Foundation, which has been working on awareness on this issue, is hoping to launch a dialogue with a strong film about a new mother's anxiety and depression.

The film was created for the promotion of the initiative, which started with the name "Start Talking" and supported the lohusa mothers through video calling; advertising agency Naked signatures. In the film, mothers struggling with pandemic depression are told how the support service of the Gidget Foundation can help

In the film, directed by Brilliant Films director Steve Back, we listen to a young woman talking touchingly while doing housework. It's a speech that implies that you are trapped in an unhappy marriage. "I thought I did not like her," she says, telling her stories. With a strong performance, the worries and misery of the woman we watch is very real.

But the end of the film does not end as we expected. We understand that it is the baby that you talk about in response to the question, "How long do you feel like this?" It's not about unhappiness and depression; especially the puerperium depression.

Speaking to the place of judging

Filmin, developed under the leadership of psychologists, is impressive as it expresses the unspoken truths with all their nudity and hard emotion. Lohusa is not the person whose parents can not connect with their baby due to their depression or who are unhappy with their feelings. Often they are afraid to confess these feelings to themselves. The fear of being judged as a bad mother leads to this depression alone. Therefore, to start talking in the film is a reminder to both mother and collective, because the pussy needs to be talked about

Film, television, cinemas and demonstrations took place in the waiting rooms of hospitals and doctors. More detailed information on the topic and the "Start Talking" program can be found on its website .


Bidce Waters, Jenny Tang
Executive Creative Director: Jon Burden
Advertiser: Gidget Foundation Australia
Advertising Agency: Naked Communications
Strategy Director: Craig Adams
Customer Relations Director: Helen Adams
Production: Brilliant Films
Stephanie Ceccaldi
Directed by Steve Back
Directed by: Tristan Milani
Producer: Stephanie Timothy Bridge

Editing: David Mosqueda @ White Chocolate
Editor: Gabriella Muir
Sound: Sonar
Sound Design: Timothy Bridge

Visual: Vimeo

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