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In 2017, we saw a lot of work on taboo in the society, talked about the unseen, closed topics, and even compiled it for you . The tabular challenge is still in an important posturing world. In 2018, artists continue to show values ​​for themselves and their advocates. Work is being done to break the perceptions of the female body. Even now, not only the female body, but also the male and the body are a matter of examination. Bodyform's pad advertisement which uses red liquid instead of blue liquid, is a remarkable affair that affects many people. Now we will talk about an artist who draws watercolor paintings on the pad.

Women Create Their Own Rules, Do not Follow the Rules

What do hygienic pads work in women's lives? I probably will not make the art from your first mind. But women are a ped pad for the Chinese artist Manhei Chan who has been working on subjects such as bodybuilding. The artist paints fish, flowers and portraits in hygienic pads with red watery colors. Feminist artists share their work in the Instagram account @ chanmanheyyyyy .

Manhei Chan aims to cut taboos from the rules with his artistic works. In his works, he portrays the period of menstruation in a poetic way. According to the plot, all women should be proud of their rules. When the artist first started ordering, her mother wanted to buy her a cake and celebrate her transition to womanhood. Indeed, when young girls take a step into women, it is very different for them, so the attitude of women around here is very important. The artist chose to relieve himself from art because he was a naughty person who also experienced PMS syndromes.

The work of the artist is really nice. Today, many galleries are exhibiting their works and telling people how prideful a woman's body should be. You can follow the work of the artist Instagram .

Visual: Manhei Chan

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