Volkswagen Beetle is as close as ever to Porsche: Memminger Roadster [Video]



The Memminger Roadster with a 2.7-liter engine with 200 horsepower can be produced as a limited production for Volkswagen Beetle enthusiasts.

In the production process Adolf Hitler and Ferdinand Porsche are among the world's best-selling automobiles with the name "automobile" badge … Production Volkswagen Beetle started in 1938 's long adventure as well as the story told at the exit point, it is enough to separate itself from many cars in the market. Known as "bugs" in many places, the model is among the models that classic automobile enthusiasts can use after a small restoration. Beetle, also attracted attention with its rear engine, is also of special interest to independent developers. The last project of Germany-based Memminger named as one of the special developers of the vehicle, once again sees the characteristic proximity to 356 Speedster one of the most exclusive models of Beetle's Porsche

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Georg Memming who started the Beetle models restoration and modification projects in 1992 and his team, the most significant change in the Roadster project is in the engine section. When we look at the values ​​of the model with the 2.7 liter four-cylinder machine, comes to mind with considerable ratios such as 210 hp power and 247 Nm torque. With this engine combined with a five-speed manual transmission a figure of 200 km / h is shared as the maximum value that the vehicle can reach. The engine, as well as the braking system, combines the team, suspension system and 18 18-inch light alloy wheel set borrowed from the classic Porsche 911. The combined weight of all the pieces together is only about 800 kilograms . For the time being, the Volkswagen Beetle Roadster, which is the only concept to be produced, will be produced up to 20 in the direction of incoming demand. The price is not yet clear.





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