Very Short Films of the Great Directors Very Short Budget Created 12 Short Films

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Cinema is perhaps the most well known and talked about art. It is a great skill to be able to pass on feelings, ideas, events and situations to the audience. The directors, who can be called as the directors of the films, are practicing memory with their own style, and each film sometimes sometimes signs with colors and sometimes with style. Of course, the short films that the world famous directors take at the beginning of this journey are curiosity for all of us. It takes them to films that are watched by millions of hard journeys starting with very small budget and short films …

1. Doodlebug – C. Nolan – 1.000 USD

Christopher Nolan founded the throne with films such as the Batman Trilogy, The Prestige, Inception and Interstellar, and brought together a short film called Doodlebug in 1997 just before The Following, the first feature film in 1998. The black-and-white film shot with 16 mm takes about 3 minutes in total and tells the man how to hide from the constantly moving bug in a room.

2. My Best Friend's Birthday – Quentin Tarantino – 5.000 USD

Tarantino's first directorial essay, My Best Friend's Birthday in 1987, was normally 70 minutes, but only a 35 minute portion of one of the films was on fire. The movie, shot in four years, along with Craig Hamann's Tarantino, cost about 5,000 dolars.

3. Six Men Getting Sick – David Lynch – 200 USD

Six Men Getting Sick is David Lynch's first short film. Lynch, who was the first to take on this contest to compete in 1967, also funded his next film. In this short film, which lasts 4 minutes, 6 people are sick and offer their vomit with a long and disturbing image. David Lynch spends a total of $ 200 for his first short film in 1966.

4. Bottle Rocket – Wes Anderson – 4.000 USD

Bottle Rocket is a very unusual short film written and directed by Wes Anderson with Owen Wilson, describing a series of three robbers planned robberies and the love story he has. It is also the first film of successful director. In 1994, Bottle Rocke, a 13-minute series, was featured in 1996 as a feature film. The first film director to 13 minutes costs 4 thousand dolars

5. Peluca – Jared Hess – 500 USD

Peluca, a 9-minute black and white short film for an assignment at Brigham Young University in 2002, was screened at the Slamdance Film Festival in 2003. Jon Heder is on the lead in Filmin, shot at 16 mm, and plays the character of Seth.

6. Within the Woods – Sam Raimi – 1.600 USD

Within the 32-minute horror-type short movie Within The Woods, a prototype of the Evil Dead Filmin prototype, a group of genocide tells about events that happen after they find an indian mezzanine in a jungle club for a holiday.

7. Bedhead – Robert Rodriguez – 800 USD

Robert Rodriguez's friends and family acted in the 8-minute family comedy film Bedhead. At that time Rodriguez, who is still studying at university, participated in many competitions and received money prizes thanks to this film. Thanks to these prizes, his first feature was El Mariachi.

8. Dead Right – Edgar Wright – 275 GBP

The film that Edgar Wright took at the age of 18, 1992-93, lasted 41 minutes in total. The film itself was written, directed, made sound and video footage, and took its own production again. In the film, there were 70 people composed of Wright's friends and colleagues.

9. Geometria – Guillermo del Toro – 1.000 USD

Geometria, which takes about 9 minutes, is the director's 10th short film. The film takes about 9 minutes in Mexico and Spain. This Geometria in the 1987 fantasy-horror genre is based on the short story of Fredric Brown.

10. Boy and Bicycle – Ridley Scott – 315 GBP

Ridley Scott's first film, Boy and Bicycle, tells a kid who escaped from school and spent the whole day cycling and playing on the beach. The movie, which lasted 27 minutes in total, was produced in 1965.

11. Flying Padre – Stanley Kubrick – 3.900 USD

1951's 9-minute 1951 Flying Padre is Kubrick's second feature. The film tells Fred Stadtmueller, a Catholic priest living in the New Mexico countryside. In an interview he gave in 1969, he used Flying Padre's "stupid" sentence.

12. From the Drain – David Cronenberg – 500 Canadian dollars

From the Drain, 1967, tells the story of two burning soldiers sitting in a barrack, it lasts 14 minutes.

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