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The depilatory cream is a way of getting rid of painless feathers painlessly . Although it is an easy method, it is useful to pay attention to some tricky points. How do I use a mud cream ? As a team of "High Heels", we offer you information on use of feather cream . [1945901010]

The demineralizing cream dissolves the protein structure of feathers and hairs, allowing them to easily separate from the skin. It is a very practical solution especially for summer months.

Before practicing your hairless creme body, clean the area where the hair is with shower gel or soap. Because

There should not be any greasy tissue in your area of ​​cramp.

Later on, sprinkle the cream over the spatula that comes out of the moulted cream that is sold in almost every market. Apply to the skin with the help of a hair removal creamy spatula.

How many minutes do you wait for the depilatory cream?

After covering all your unwanted hair with cream, wait about 6 minutes. Do not hold the cream for more than 6 minutes for your skin to blossom.

You can clean a small part of the spatula to check if the fur is separated.

When your feathers come to scoop, clear all of the creams in reverse, as if the hair would do it in the wax .

Then rinse your skin with warm water. Once your skin is dry with a soft towel, you can apply a moisturizer if you wish.

Crawl into a small amount before rubbing the whole body. Wait for 3-4 minutes and see if you have an allergic reaction. In the end you should decide whether to use it or not.

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