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Apple has released a new update for iMovie one of the popular video editing applications . With the update, iMovie got support for the screen Super Retina on the iPhone X .

The update, which also includes the metal interface for graphics processing, also improves simplified Chinese localization. Keep in mind that you need to include the iOS 11.12 update on your mobile devices so that you can upload updates that increase overall commitment

What features does iMovie offer?

With the application you can browse the clips, create Hollywood-style trailers and eye-catching movies in 4K resolution. It's possible to start editing your movies on your iPhone or iPad and complete them on your Mac.

You can add titles, add music and effects by selecting your clips. The application also supports 4K videos for eye-catching films in cinematic quality. You can make action shoots more exciting by playing with the speed of the videos. With effects such as picture-in-picture or split-screen, you can make your school project look professional. You can choose from 10 creative video filters for a cinematic touch. Films can be given a monochrome style, a nostalgic touch can be added, or a look that resembles old cowboy movies. You can download the iOS version of the application here and the Mac version from the App Store .

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