Two new leaks for "Xiaomi Mi 8" mixing heads



You may know There is a possibility that Xiaomi will introduce the long-awaited Mi 7 model as Mi Mi 8 . In addition, we have two new leaks for the company's new phone while Mi 8th Anniversary " is on the agenda as well.

Xiaomi one of China's largest producers is preparing for an event on May 31st. The company, which is told to hear more than one product in this event, is confused by the phone side. However, the two leakages today indicate that Mi 8 Mi 8 or Mi 8th Anniversary will definitely come to the model. The first leak shows a box with "8" on it. In the other leak, there is a front panel that says "8" again. This panel is particularly noteworthy with its wide notch. This notch includes an advanced face recognition system like iPhone X. Behind this scanning infrastructure is the camera module you see below. This sensor, which is believed to carry equipment such as "infrared camera, spot projector, light projector, ambient light sensor" in the same way as the TrueDepth camera system that powers Face ID face recognition technology creating a relationship. With this enhancement, the phone is predicted to be able to recognize a face under every light condition and not to be photographed.


The technical details of Xiaomi Mi 7 are still expected in the following way:

Samsung production on a 6-inch screen OLED The phone to be built on a screen is also strictly looking to use Snapdragon 845 . The phone installed on a battery of 3.170 mAh can be obtained with 6 GB or 8 GB RAM in the leaked firmware file. The device, which will have a dual rear camera, appears to be out of the box Android 8.0 Oreo . Thanks to the OLED screen, the phone, which can always provide continuous information via the open screen infrastructure, also provides support for Project Treble which allows fast software updates.

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