Two nesting structures in a brain: two halves of the brain


When we think about our mind and our brain, we see it as whole and one. But actually our brains are made up of two separate brains joined together in the middle.

The brain is divided into two hemispheres (hemisphere), right and left. There is a 10 centimeter bridge called the corpus callosum (meanwhile, hard body) which connects the two hemispheres together. You can think of this as a network of multiple roads, not just a bridge, but a multitude of lifetimes. The corpus callosum, which started to build up in the womb of the mother during 12 weeks, continues to develop until the child reaches the age of 12.

  • Our right brain controls the left half of our body, our left brain is in the right half.
  • We see objects in my flesh with the right side of me, and with my left half in my right side.
  • The right brain is the creative artist in us, the left brain is the great statistician and the mathematical predominance.
  • The right brain lives, the left brain either in the past or in the future. Right brain plan does not make program, does not worry about old, does not worry about future
  • While the right brain is independent of the unregulated, unregulated environmental pressures, the left brain is tightly bound to rules and can not go beyond them like a retired colonel.
  • Right brain is compassionate and empathic, left brain critic and solid.
  • Left hemisphere words, talk, negotiate, communicate; without the words of the right hemisphere we understand and speak the tone of voice, face expression and body language, enabling us to communicate without words.
  • Right brain senses, left brain minds.
  • The right brain is more feminine and more sensitive, the left brain is more masked and rigid.
  • The right brain is the grumpy child inside us, the left brain is the grumpy one inside us.

It is not possible to have only the right brain or just the left brain (under normal conditions). But in each of you, either the color world of your right brain is dominating, or your left brain is filled with numbers, letters and statistics. Today, our education system, our work areas are always left-brain-focused. We can not manage to stay in the middle of daily life and worry about the future. We are not welcomed to show our emotions, we are trying to get on the road with the poker face of our left brain. We can not see small instant happiness, we always look forward, we want more. In our left-brained, critical and judicial world, we add and live together without seeing the positives.

A healthy and flexible brain, a brain that can blend the properties of both hemispheres together, can see the beauties and colors of life without breaking the connection to reality, and can remain without losing its awareness.

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Recommendations for using both brain halves and living in balance:
  1. Use the two halves of your body in your daily life. If you are right and left, try to do your work with your right hand. If your left brain is too heavy, learn to use an instrument that will use your left hand.
  2. Make regular exercises that use both halves of the body equally. The most beautiful and easy exercise that uses two halves of the body equally is to walk. Walk at least half an hour every day. As you walk outdoors, look around and see. Do yoga; it is an ideal exercise especially for people who use a half of their body as a dominant force. Wear your face, dance, run, pilates, join the zuma classes
  3. Participate in creative activities that will unlock the artist in you to strengthen the right half of the brain. Take painting lessons, participate in ceramics courses, paint tiles, make sculptures. Try to use your hands more than you normally would when doing these things.
  4. Meditate. Meditation reformats your brain so that the right brain pathways are stronger.

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