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The kinds of applications available on your phone can get you into the race to remind yourself of the day so you can spend more time with them. Fortunately, it is possible to get rid of the notification without deleting the applications on iOS.

In particular, the number of notices stuck to the application on the phone can be annoying, especially for users who care for each notification. Apart from e-mail, message, or search notifications, these icons on the upper right hand side of applications can only be used to remind users of the application itself. Since they do not disappear without opening the application, a kind of "check me" print can be installed on the users. Fortunately, iOS settings have an "Show Application Icon" button that every app has in order to be able to use in these situations.


You can easily hide and display the icon of each application on this screen.
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Close application notification icons on iPhone

It is easy to hide the icon of each application in your phone. To do this, from the main screen Settings> Notifications simply click on the application you want to hide the icon and press " Show in Application Icon " button. If you do not want to receive any notifications from the application without deleting the application, you can terminate the application's unsolicited communication completely by closing the "Allow Notifications" button.

It is possible for each application to hide the notification icons or turn off notifications altogether, but no flexibility related to the notifications of the Settings application notifying system functions like iCloud and updates is not for the time being.





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