Turkish Professor's Work in the Field of 'trauma' Brought International Success

IU Forensic Medicine Institute Head of the Department of Social Sciences Professor. Dr. Erdinç Öztürk was shown as one of the best 50 experts in the world in the field of "dissociative disorders-psychiatric diagnosis group."

– Istanbul University (Institute of Forensic Medicine) Head of the Department of Social Sciences, Professor. Dr. Erdinç Öztürk has been shown as one of the top 50 experts in the world as a result of the studies made since 2007 by the international evaluation platform where the leading scientists in "trauma and dissociative disorders" take place.

The best experts have been identified in the area of ​​"dissociative disorders-psychiatric diagnosis group" as a result of the studies carried out since 2007 on an international evaluation platform, which includes the world's leading scientists.

As a result of the evaluation of the works and articles of 3 thousand 546 experts in the field of "dissociative disorders-psychiatric diagnosis group" by the scientists, Prof. Dr. Öztürk entered the dilemma of 1.3 percent and was considered one of the best 50 experts in his field.

Publications accepted as reference work on international platforms

Prof. Dr. Ozturk said that he worked as a clinical psychologist in the psychiatry department of IU Medical Faculty for many years and that he had undertaken and treated hundreds of trauma cases and that he was in scientific work as well as treatments.

Ozturk, who currently serves as the Head of the Department of Social Sciences at the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the Institute of Forensic Medicine, stated that many books and articles on the agenda, especially in German, English and Spanish, were published and these publications were accepted as reference works on many international platforms.

In recent years, Ozturk has been working in the direction of intersection of both clinical and forensic sciences. "Öztürk said," I have been one of the top 50 scientists in the world on an international evaluation platform where all experts on trauma and dissociative disorders have been evaluated in recent years. it is a very proud situation. "

Ozturk also provides information on trauma and dissociative disorders, "In fact, a childhood trauma starting at an early age when a personality division that develops. Particularly in such cases, people are exposed to physical, emotional, sexual trauma at an early age and these traumas continue for many years. After that, the person has a division of personality.

This is especially the basic weight of our cases. We've been working on trauma cases.

We can say that it is a personality division characterized by the characteristics of suicide attempts, depression, dissociative amnesia, dissociative depression, which occur at an early age and continue until adulthood. "

our country, especially forensic clinical psychology is the leader of experts in Ozturk striking takes place, "Turkey, especially the first time in Istanbul University piskotarih and leadership to open their judicial psychotraumatology course was also my chance. From this point of view, I used the expressions of forensic psychotraumatology in the Institute of Forensic Medicine, Istanbul University for the first time in the world. "

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