Turkish Lira Why Do Historical Losses Live?

For the first time in the history of our country, Turkish Lira; the dollar, the euro and the sterling lost that blood. We are in a week where the dollar is up to 4.19, euron is above 5 and sterling has seen 5.90. What is happening is that the TL has experienced such a sudden and sudden loss of value in the global economy?


On Wednesday, April 11, the dollar saw the highest level of our country, 4.19. This rise, from raw technology to fuel-filled tickets, significantly affects the domestic purchasing power of the country.

However, according to the BBC Turkish report, the only currency that is depreciated is the Turkish lira. World politics and the future of all the developing countries in critical geographies for the future were devalued. Nevertheless, it is said that TL is among the most depreciating currency among the lost value losses.

Trade wars and real wars in world markets:

Huawei, the Chinese company that embargoed the US market, also saw the first signals of this issue concentrated on the technology agenda. Of course, the table was bigger and Trump seemed very committed to not letting the products of Chinese companies into his country. This created tension throughout the global market.

The Syrian issue is now a situation that goes beyond strategic depth. Russia and the US have almost reached the threshold of a possible world war. Allegations of attack with chemical weapons, foreign intervention against Syria also brought agenda. The US announced that it could shoot Syria, and that Russia could destroy the fugitives in the air.

Trump clearly stated on Twitter that "Prepared Russia is coming," he suddenly influenced the markets. All these processes in Turkey, as one of Syria's largest neighbor's right in the middle of the line voltage.

Turkey is growing, but inflation is rising

This situation, which is called "overheating" in the economy, is being used for times when growth rates and inflation are on the rise. Because we are in such a process, there is a general concern in the market.

After reaching the highest growth rate since 2013, inflation will reach double digits like 10.23 after 2017.

On the other hand, domestic and foreign investors in Turkey, the Central Bank established They said they were worried because of political pressure.






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