Tülin Korman has lost his life


Sound artist legendary voice of Onur Akay art music Tülin Korman announced that he died yesterday

Münir Nurettin Selçuk According to the news of his nude, the composers Sadettin Kaynak it was learned that Tülin Korman, the famous voice artist of the 1960's, who was the sole assistant for many years, passed away. Onur Akay, a Turkish art music artist who was aware of the pain, announced last night from his social media account and wrote unknowns about the master artist.


"We lost a big voice, a master artist and a true legend, the giant name of Turkish art music, Tülin Korman."

Akay shared a photograph of Tülin Korman's miniature photo taken in 1960 with a photograph of his concert. At the same time, Korman, a teacher in conservatory of many of our artists, died yesterday at his home in Bodrum, where he settled a few years ago. "


Onur Akay also explains that the funeral information of the master artist is not yet known, "Tülin Korman's funeral will be brought to Istanbul. The date on which he would be bestowed on his last journey was not known. "


Due to his passion for music, he went to İnönü Girls' High School and in 1951 he entered the Istanbul Municipal Conservatory examinations and his education started from the third year of the five-year conservatory due to his superior success. During his training, Korman, who was the assistant of the famous composer Münir Nurettin Selçuk, took western music lessons from Madame Rosenthal. In 1953, Korman won the exams of TRT Radio and started to perform western music first on the radio. His teacher Münir Nurettin caused Selcuk to translate Korman's route, which was a voice soprano and very prone to western music, into Turkish art music, when he said "Serve farther west, serve Turkish music". In 1967 Korman performed his art in solo and choir programs. In the same year, Ulvi Ergüner was appointed chorus conductor at TRT Radio. At the same time, Korman, who taught in radio until 1986, started to refer to it as a repertoire teacher at the ITU State Conservatory in the same year.

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