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According to the accepted material in the Parliamentary General Assembly, forests in Turkey will be sold to companies for use for 5 years. The livestock in the forests will be considered as 'forest products'.


For 5 years the companies of the forests


Until today, a tree must be processed by the General Directorate of Forestry to become a "forest" product. According to the 13th article of the Assembly adopted by the General Assembly of the Assembly, the General Directorate of Forests will no longer cut and process forest trees in order to rejuvenate or dilute the forests.


The Directorate will allocate to the 5-year-old companies and conglomerates that give the most money by tending the forests they want to dilute or rejuvenate instead. After the end of the allocation period, the same firm may take the same place again if it wishes, and another forest area that it considers more productive will also be able to hire for 5 years.


"Even the moon does not go"


The companies that take the forest with the tender will cut or process the pre-marked live trees when they wish, and they will sell or sell them. According to Erdogan Süzer, companies will be able to choose their valuable forests for 5 years as they are not allowed to organize or limit their territories.


No one else will enter the forest given to a holding company. A manager of a forestry cooperative who evaluates the situation says, "All the forests of the country have been opened up by holding companies. If the forest-holding conglomerates want a citizen to leave their territories no longer, they will not even let it go. "


The Minister of Forestry Veysel Eroğlu said that if the government cuts the tree in the forest and cuts it into a log, it will cost a great deal and that the costs will be reduced if the private sector does it. MHP Mersin deputy Baki Simsek said " mi ".

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