To remember your dreams: High self study

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It is easier and easier to meet ourselves now, because there are no fear, anxiety, ego in our dreams. In our opinion, if we choose to receive messages from our higher self, we are more comfortable and easier to navigate. Today I want to talk about a very effective and healing method: we can do high self studies to show ourselves that we meet, communicate, take into consideration its messages.

If you take a shower before you fall into bed and fall into bed, we can start with the diaphragm breath we take deeply to relax and calm down, by giving it a long, oral tension. The fact that breathing is a priority makes it both comfortable and restful, and supports our dreams. I will recommend you to read and read the following text,

"I intend to purge all my contradictions, angerings, sorrows, anger and body and mind that I am aware of, what I know or do not know, know or do not know, I know that my high self is the best solution for me, always showing me, guiding me. I accept and intend that all experiences I am experiencing are the most appropriate experience at that moment, whatever is experienced is definitely a developmental effect. I know that my lover, who is self-centered, supports me with all my heart and soul to fulfill my existence. I understand better now that whatever I am living, it is about me, I blame others, and that no situation I judge will bring me once. I thank everyone who has guided me through life. I acknowledge that everything is within me and with me, affirming that my own self is the best choice before judging, accepting and accepting, through my dreams, the steps I can not proceed now that the solution has to reach from now on. Thank you for always supporting me with my high self. "

If we do a high self-study before going to bed for a week, we can see the situations that we need to solve in our dreams, maybe the people who guide about these situations, maybe the symbols that represent them. Those who can not remember their dreams will be more effective if they do this work after making the recommendation I shared in my previous posts.

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