Tips to help you use your mobile phone more consciously


Nobody would have believed that about 20 years ago, a technological product would overturn a market, everyone in the world would look at that product screen for hours, and even worry about leaving it at home and going out. But this is the point that comes today. With the emergence of smartphones, we are now able to do everything with them. Smartphones cover such a large area of ​​our lives and everywhere we face, it affects many cultures today and changes our habits. Experts say that an average American controls his phone 80 times a day. Even in some countries, remediation programs are organized even through a concept called "smart phone habits."

You may not think that your smartphone habit is at an advanced level so you may need digital detox yet. But is from time to time you think you use your smartphone unconsciously? Do you think your phone controls you, shaping your life? If you want to use your smartphone more consciously, here are a few suggestions:

1. Take advantage of the applications

Using the app to reduce your smartphone usage can be a bit strange, but there are workings that work very well. With these applications, you can rearrange the interface of your phone, not allow distracting applications to direct you, or edit notifications.

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2. Apply to old methods

The smartest thing about smartphones is not just a phone. So you can listen to music on your smartphone, provide your time management, open your garage door, keep track of your meetings, make your communication with your loved ones easier, and make you wake up in the morning. But doing all of this with a single tool also brings with it an unconscious use. For example, we take the elimination phone to look at the clock, another application is distracting at the time, and after 5 minutes we find ourselves shifting down in the social media. it is possible to become a more intelligent smartphone user by applying the old method and doing things we can do with smartphones with other tools

3. Problems of conscious questions

Ask yourself if you have taken your smartphone before or before you hand it in. Ask yourself if you really need to take care of the phone. The first thing you do when you go to the office is if you turn on your computer and check your mails, you do not need to take your mobile phone for this as you go down the road. "Do I have to look at it all the time?" "Do I have time to respond to these messages or notifications?"

You can use your mobile phone more deliberately with questions such as

4. Set specific limits

For your own mental health you may have set limits on some toxic people in your life. Maybe it's time you did it for your cell phone. You can decide what these limits will be. It may be that you never take the phone to the bed, do not look at the phone until you go to work, stay away from the phone for 1 hour a day.

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How excited would you be if a friend you love liked to invite you to watch a black and white movie? You will probably think it's a boring evening. You can use this information to limit your mobile phone usage. You can restrict your mobile phone usage by making the screen of your mobile phone black and white instead of color. Do not forget that colors are a very important element that motivates senses and emotions.

6. Leave your phone

It may not be a good idea to leave your phone at home and go to work, or to take your phone when you are on a journey. However, you can leave your phone at home while going to the jogging, going to the bakery, going to the plaza.

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