Tips for preparing practical, handy and lightweight suitcases when traveling


At the end of the holiday time you dreamed with great enthusiasm came and went; but do you feel that you do not have the same enthusiasm for preparing, especially for collecting your luggage? You may even notice that your head is very involved in this matter. Let's face it, preparing a suitcase is a bit confusing. But by applying some simple tips, you can make this complex task easier for you. Here are tips for preparing a fast, lightweight and useful suitcase:

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Roll the clothes roll

Actually, everyone knows this technique now. But what is often skipped is that you need to fold your clothes first and then roll them. In this way the rulers are of the same size and it becomes much easier to arrange the suitcase.

Use the shoes

When preparing a space-saving suitcase, you need to use all possible areas. This includes the inside of the shoes. Put the small clothes such as underwear in the roll technique again, put a sachet and place it in your shoes.

Sorting is important

Place your clothes rollers, such as the t-shirt, blouse, etc., that occupy the least space, in the empty spaces in your suitcase. Once you have placed all of your clothes, such as jackets, jeans, and dresses, which take up more space, fold them in layers that complement each other at the top. You can minimize the wrinkles by turning the reverse face of your clothes you do not want to wrinkle.

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Personal care products

Perhaps the most important thing in the suitcase preparation is personal care products. Do not forget that once you have purchased your travel neck products, you can store them and use them over and over again. Against possible leaks, you can also close the bottles by opening the caps and putting the pieces from a bag you chop on. We can also say that old lens boxes are ideal for putting on foundation and other makeup products.

Tips for becoming more green when traveling

How to keep jewelery

In such situations, placing your jewelry in a regular manner can become another problem. You can use more buttons for your swords. It is possible to keep your clutches together through the holes of these buttons. You can fold your necklaces and bracelets by putting them in a refrigerator bag or vacuum bags of small size.

Book preference

If you want to enjoy reading books on the road, be sure to take advantage of the possibilities of technology for this. By reading e-books from digital sources, you can get rid of the burden of carrying thick books with you.

If you also want to see how all these things are done, we suggest you watch the following video:

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