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Musicians are different not only with their music but also with their video directions. Especially kind of hip-hopsa many nice and long video coming out. Or a long-lived video of like Childish Gambino's This is America, though it's not long . Or distributing money in Drake videos for example, go to a neighborhood. Now, the Philadelphia rapper Tierra Whack calls us a visual and auditory feast with 15 minutes of different sketches for the promotion of the new project "Whack World."

Whack World is actually the musician's new album. But for the visual part of the artist's album, he's making 15 minute video sketches for one minute. Some of them are aesthetically perfect, while others are taking advantage of their ugly aesthetic, while others are showing us more funny or more stressful moments. It is a good method for listeners and audiences if the songs are only minutes. Though in some songs I was feeling "half-finished" while listening and watching. If you are distracted and have a short term, the album will be satisfying to you both visually and audibly. The songs are also colorful, video-like, and hard at a point.

Inside Dark But Hope Color Color

Since time the artist has been shaping the artistic side alone. At one point they are joining their own dystopias. And of course there is another minute of being a minute, making the Instagram for this album a medium too.

Like in her previous work, "Whack World" is showing a video worthy of Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott while under the wings of Hype Williams. We see the transition from each panel to each other from 15 songs, each not longer than one minute. The video starts under the guidance of a manicurist, as each passing stroke of a musician rises as he moves into a veterinarian's office where the hair of a stuffed dog is clipped. The rapper is certainly not sure about his surroundings, so his personal mythology seems to me like this. I think the comparison with Missy will go around as a ghost after her for a while longer.

Visual: YouTube

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