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In the city of Torino, Italy, there was an untranslated mail of 400 kilograms in an old postal house.

The Italian policeman said that the old postman, whose name was not disclosed, was not able to deliver the mail that had to be distributed because his salary was so low.
The postal, hiding the old postman who had left his job last year, The police said there were 70 letters with a 20 centimeter knife in the back seat of the vehicle.


Feeling that something went wrong, the police then searched the house of the old postal office and found no more than 40 boxes distributed, credit cards and bank statements, bills and special letters. The authorities explained that the former postman, who said he had not given enough salary, and that I had stopped the distribution, was charged with theft, communication blocking, and weapons.

Last January, an old postman at the age of 56 found 500 kilos of unopened mail at his home in Vicenza. In 2013, an old postcard on the island of Sardinia was found to have 400 kilograms of postage not distributed for four years.


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