These plants dry all the inflammation in your body!

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With the reduction of red blood cells in the body, the body becomes vulnerable to inflammation. Inflammation is a health problem that can occur depending on many conditions. Common causes include; infectious diseases, pneumonia, lupus, rheumatism, etc. are involved. This health problem, which can be seen in many different regions of the body, can also be called as a shield of the body against infections. Inflammatory plants are known today as inflammatory-drying methods recommended by most experts.

Inflammatory plants


This shell has similar properties to aspirin. There is an article called Salisin in it. In addition, the willow bark is a pain reliever. The efficacy is longer than that of asphyxiated ash. When the tea of ​​the willow bark is brewed and consumed, all kinds of inflammation formed in the body are dried.

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<p> <strong> Basil </strong> </p>
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One of the first plants in the fight against inflammation is a bruise. This herb has its own odor and taste component, eugenol.

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<p> <strong> CAYENNA PIBER </strong> </p>
<p> Pepper, which contains the substance capsaicin, specifically destroys the enzyme COX-2 in relation to other inflammatory diseases and arthritis diseases. </p><div class=