There is Something Bugging me About Bloggers rn… (is this kosher?)

OKAY- I probably shouldn’t post this because *shame on me* for having a negative thought about my industry LOL. I am a PROUD blogger, I have blogged about shattering the “BLOGGER STIGMA”, I support all of the ladies doing the damn thing (cause I know firsthand, it ain’t always pretty)… but I’ve got my pet peeves & I am not afraid to voice them… well I am slightly afraid, but doing it anyways.

+ every time I see someone say “TYSM to my [insert brand name here] fam for all these goodies”. The fam thing is just weird to me.

+ It’s not cool to call your people “fans or followers”… call them your readers or your supporters OR call them your FAM. Calling them your fam is chill.

+ When you make it to 10 million+ SUPPORTERS on Instagram, swap that bio out to public figure, but until then… you’re a blogger like the rest of us lol. I can ONLY understand putting “public figure” it that’s the key to getting verified on the gram…. not sure if that’s the case, but I hope so cause it justifies a lot of people using “public figure” to describe themselves.

These are a few of  my MINOR pet peeves & if you do any of the above & you’re a blogger, don’t hate me cause I love all of you. I may be annoyed with a few things, but hey… I am sure I do annoying shit all the time that have other bloggers eye rolling into last week about too.

THE ONE THING THOUGH, the one thing that just baffles the absolute fuck out of me that I am seeing so regularly now is bloggers/influencers calling people out for COPYING.

This is the weirdest most ass backwards thing I have ever heard/seen. I saw a blogger post an Instagram a while back with a coy smile & the caption said “my face when people copy me”. OH- & then the influencers who start clothing lines who call out big brands for copying their designs.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK THOUGH. Can someone fill me in on what I am missing here cause isn’t that the point of being an influencer…. TO INFLUENCE? Blogging is literally the business of getting people to copy you. You want high conversion & that high conversion comes from people buying what you’re wearing/doing/sharing/etc. The idea is that you’re setting yourself up as a tastemaker, so when people do something you did (esp. another blogger) it’s the ULTIMATE sign you are succeeding in the blog industry.

Maybe you’re okay with people copying your looks but you hate how people copy your instagram feed, photo style, blog design, insta-stories… well, it just comes with the territory. You can’t be an influencer & not expect people to feel influenced by everything you are doing. Everything everyone’s done is influenced by something they saw. I am a firm believer that there are no authentic ideas anymore because in this crazy social media obsessed world you can’t NOT be inspired.

Even if you think you have an original idea, it’s probably NOT an original idea, it’s probably based off of something you saw while scrolling Instagram & you probably don’t even realize it.

BUT HERE’S THE WONDERFUL THING ABOUT IT- no one is YOU. The influencer who is mad that Nordstrom knocked off their entire collection they put their heart in soul into- well Nordstrom may have a huge audience, but they don’t have YOU (said influencer) promoting the shit out of the collection & looking killer in their own designs. They don’t have your audience, your swag, your touch.

The blogger who is mad people are copying them, well NEWSFLASH- it’s impossible to be fully copied because no one is YOU. They don’t have your hair color, your face, your eyes, your exact pose. They may have the same outfit, maybe even took an identical photos, but they AREN’T YOU…. so who really cares?

SO- the takeaway for all of of you people so stressed out about being knocked off. TAKE A DEEP BREATH, relax, & just be grateful people like what you’re doing enough to recreate it. K?

Good deal & I hope all of you copy this outfit cause I could wear it everyday. X

open shoulder blouse (sold out- similar) | distressed denim skirt | Ray-Ban round sunglasses | Reliquia Zodiac necklace | gold shark tooth necklace | Marc Fisher ‘HANNY’ white knee high boots (so so soft!!)




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