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Companies that have power over the Internet are conducting a study on hate speech on the Internet . Hate hates hatred, but how accurate it is to do it in ways that can be counted as censorship. YouTube for example. One of the advertising policies shown in front of published videos is making arrangements for this . It's actually a year long, I mean a year. Hate speech videos now earn revenue based on YouTube's new rules. Some videos can not even get an advertisement. This has caused the YouTubers' advertising earnings to fall and their followers to lose, especially for the one-year period, when the voices of the opposing views were expressed with heavy rhetoric. This topic has been widely used in the media.

Advertisement-Friendly Hate-Enemy

YouTube had a reason to do it, though. The names of the brands may be referred to as content marked as inappropriate. This is a bad reputation for the brand name and complaints are coming. These complaints are also the reason for YouTube. Even if we had to sample a certain event, had been on the agenda again since Disney and YouTube were unveiled due to some discourse of PewDiePie, who has more than 53 million followers. So we say hello to the world of ad-friendly content .

In the last 10 days, online music listening platforms have been explaining about their company about hate speech. These were Spotify, and the same day Apple and Pandora came up with similar explanations. Spotify has announced that alongside the Hate Practice Public Policy curators will not have songs containing hate speech on collection lists . This means that if Spotify is convinced that the song of an artist is offensive, it will be removed from the song list. In other words, the songs of the artists who express their feelings in a harsh way will not come out to each list.

Spotify encourages, defends or incites hate or violence against a group or individual based on features such as "race, religion, gender identity, gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, status" describes as the music .

The company will also no longer feature artists who "exhibit personally hateful behavior" such as violence against children or sexual violence. News of sexual abuse comes out R. Kelly is a current example for this. The songs of musicians who are no longer named will not be included in algorithmic suggestions like Weekly Discovery. Obviously listeners can enter and listen privately, only Spotify does not recommend it to you. The company does not think it is a censorship of the artist or its creation process, but believes that the company should be publisher choices.

Although Apple and Pandora have not made an official statement yet, they have made some excitement about it. In the light of Spotify's statement, Apple and Pandora removed R. Kelly on their own lists. But it also creates a contradiction

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