The World's Longest Tall Person

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The tallest man (2,72 meters) of all time (known) in the world who lived between 1918 and 1940, was the weight of Robert Wadlow of the United States,


On February 22, 1918, Alton / Illinois (USA) came to the world. Addie Johnson – Harold Wadlow was the first of five of the couple. And it looked like a normal baby with a weight of 3.8 kg. However, with the extraordinary rapid development he showed, he reached a height of 100 cm when he was 1, a color of 2.24 cm when he was 13, and he had the world's tallest childhood title. (During primary school years, he sat in a specially designed order according to his measurements.)

He was a very intelligent person. After graduating Lisey, in 1936 he enrolled at Shurtleff College to study law. But he left school at the end of the first semester.

In 1937 he developed his previous record, but began to become unable to walk without some support on his feet.

Robert Wadlow became an American celebrity by announcing his name in 1936 with the Ringling Brothers Circus and the world tour that went out for INTERCO in 1938.

Wadlow, who is 2.54 cm tall and 177 kg when he turned 18, signed a special contract with a shoe company when he was 20 years old. The price of 37 shoes produced in accordance with Robert Wadlow, whose measurements were well above normal, was worth $ 100,000. Wadlow was getting these shoes for free thanks to the advertising deal he made. Some of these shoes are still exhibited at Alton Art and History Museum.

He visited the whole country with his father, and attended 747 different openings and demonstrations. For the tour within the US borders, he used a special version of the Ford Model T with the front seats removed.

His father, a worker in a petroleum company, left his job and spent his life on his son's career. But again, Wadlow, who was forced to play a kind of freak by his father, was a man who hated his body and his life.

As a matter of fact, he was sick because of an infection on his left knee at the age of 22 and died a short time later

Wadlow, with his last measured size, passed John Rogan (2.67 cm), the tallest man ever to live that day. The coffin of Wadlow, which was given to the earth on July 19, was 3 meters long and weighed almost half a ton.

About 30,000 people attended Robert Wadlow's funeral. Wadlow's family closed the grave with concrete in the name of not disturbing his grave after his death and not having his funeral stolen.

Robert Wadlow's development chart …

Age: Length:

8 – 1,82 cm.
10 – 1,98 cm.
14 – 2,24 cm.
16 – 2,40 cm.
17 – 2,48 cm.
18 – 2.54 cm.
22 – (on the birthday) 2.68 cm.
22 – (dead) 2.72 cm






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