The world's fastest SUV rosette is a new candidate for Jaguar base!



The F-Pace SVR will be at the center of the project where Jaguar's popular developer, Lister Cars, signed the first clues.

After Lamborghini Urus, we have a new candidate for the "world's fastest SUV" badge, struggled for the first time by custom-made Nissan Qashqai . The new team, Lister Cars, claims that the UK-based Severn Valley Motorsport team has increased its limits by bringing in 2,000 bikes with modifications, reaching speeds of 382.38 km / h . The team we know from modifications made to the Jaguar models have taken the F-Pace SVR, which was introduced in March, as the center. At the moment, trust is at the top level, which is the car that shares the details of the clue for now.

Technical claims


Lister, who has not yet shared technical data on the version expected to be promoted under the name of "Lightning", has not yet denied the local press figures. According to the first information reported, the F-Pace SVR, which has a 550 horsepower power at the Jaguar factory, is expected to have a 670 horsepower increase and the team must go above 306 km / h to leave the official data behind. It is worth noting that in this phase Urus has 650 PS power. You can follow the developments related to this allegation which we expect to be detailed in the coming days via

You may withdraw interest

Jaguar F-Pace SVR introduction videosu




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