The work goes on in the day; KIA brought hybrid technology to diesel engines




KIA's integration to the completion phase will drive up the carbon emissions of diesel engines, driving up the charisma and power.

In the automotive industry, which is on the brink of a significant transformation over the next two years, is the way to bring the mind of Paul Walker to the end of Fast and the Furious 7 . This distinction, especially among those who think that current future plans are entirely based on electricity, and those who think gasoline or even diesel engines still have a share, especially the Far East-based brands, Actually, it may seem a bit strange that brands in this region, which is one of the most used geographical regions of electric vehicles even today, can work against reversible logic of healing internal combustion units. As a matter of fact, Mazda is an overly fervent advocate and we still have the idea that gasoline engines can leave some electricity behind in polluting the environment. South Korea-based KIA were also among those working on the diesel engine's carbon emissions and efficiency. With the announcement made today, after the closed doors and following the work, we are starting to see what is happening now. Moreover, we will not have to wait for this curious structure.

This year goes out on the road

In fact, those who regularly follow the automobile world will not be so strangers to this integration that KIA has developed. Nowadays the mild hybrid system 48V which is featured by many manufacturers, mainly Mercedes and Audi is included here in a diesel engine ecosystem. The engine crankshaft has a starting generator, current transformer and lithium-ion battery as well as the downward emission of building emissions to 7 13 hp brings with it an additional power . The structure to be controlled by special software can also be referred to as an active start / stop. We will see the first example of this system developed according to the KIA statement, which will be introduced during this year Sportage . Soon after 2019 model Ceed will be sold with this option. KIA is glad to share general technical information for now, and will greet us in more detail in the coming period. You can tell us your thoughts about this system developed by KIA as a comment.




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