The Trojan Works are being transported to the Trojan Museum

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Troy artifacts found in Turkey's four museums, the opening of the Dardanelles in August planned to be transferred to Troy Museum.

Culture and Tourism Minister Numan Kurtulmuş said, "Every piece is beautiful on the spot," he said, attaching importance to the opening of the Trojan Museum for the recycling of the Trojan treasures to my country.

According to Ömer Erbil from Hürriyet, the gold artifacts left from the Heinrich Schliemann era, which missed the Troika treasures from the Istanbul Archeology Museum in 1873, and the Boğazköy Tablet, Homer's "Ilyada", which Fatih Sultan Mehmet read from Topkapi Palace, book, 24 pieces of treasure brought from America in 2012 at the Anatolian Civilizations Museum in Ankara, Homeros sculpture at İzmir Archeology Museum and five cicenas were decided to be given to the new Trojan museum.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has decided to send trojan-based artifacts from the museums in Turkey to the newly opened museum for the Trojan Museum, which is planned to open within the scope of the 2018 Trojan Year. Istanbul Archeology Museum and Topkapı Palace Museum requested that the originals of the ministry should be given in addition to sending the works of the works

( from Turkey to the World Heritage List, Temporary Assets Input 7 )

The Istanbul Archaeological Museum did not want to send originals on the grounds that the works in the Museum-i Hümayun collection have been in the literature since the foundation of the 1880s. It was stated that the high-resolution digital copy of the work with the inventory number G.İ.2 located in the Topkapı Palace Museum Library can be printed and given just as it is.

However, the ministry has emphasized the fact that the originals of the works must be given to both museums and that the works of Trojan origin abroad can be taken. The museum managers were reminded of the difficulties of demanding works from foreigners while we did not want to give them their works. On top of that, both museums respond positively to the request of the ministry, considering that the origin of the works would be correct.

( Restoration of the Seljuk Pavilion Rebounds in Konya )

"Every piece is beautiful on the spot"

Numan Kurtulmuş, Minister of Culture and Tourism, stated that they appreciate the opening of the Trojan Museum for the recycling of the troika treasures to my country. It was painful when I saw the Trojan treasures at Pushkin Museum. We return the works captured in our borders to the countries they belong to without ever questioning them. We have to do it. We will transfer the Trojan works in our museums to the newly opened museum. Then we will continue the struggle for the work of our Trojan-originated artifacts from the world. "

Future works include:

Istanbul Archaeological Museum: The remains of the Trojan Treasures that Schliemann missed in 1873 were transferred to Museum-i Humayun. All the works belonging to the Treasury group in the Müzenini Maden and Hulliyet Works Collection will be sent to the museum which is completed in Çanakkale with 250 pieces of work together with Boğazköy Tableti which is located in the excavations of Boğazköy and mentioning the city of Troy.

Topkapı Palace: Homer's 'Iliad' book with inventory number G.İ.2 registered in the library which Fatih Sultan Mehmet believed to have read.

İzmir Archeology Museum: Coin describing five trojan periods together with Homer's sculpture

Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara: 24 pieces of work belonging to the Troika Hazinesi were taken back on September 1 at the US Penn Museum by way of extradition. 24 pieces of diadem, earrings, bracelets in it will all go to the collection of Troy Museum.

Freedom. Omer Erbil.


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