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Silicon Valley A comedy series that debuted in America in 2014 on HBO . For 30 minutes, he's putting us into the lives of five characters in the row. In the Silicon Valley, we provide ananbe to witness the young people living. If you need a somewhat broader overview of the directory, Richard Pied Piedi and his five friends describe a Pied Piper named initiative around a unique algorithm and how it holds up in the tech world. This is the fifth season of the series. If you have been watching till now, it will actually look for a weekend, be in your mind.

A Turkish designer designed the genre of the index. The Istanbul-based design studio contains genuinely entertaining details bearing the signature of the founders of Kraken and Mehmet Kızılay . So he speaks a lot about the series with its opening genre as much as it is renowned for its funny way of expressing the dark sides of the world of technology. We can see the technology companies that have been adapting our everyday life in the generics shown in the Silicon Valley in Palo Alto. Facebook, Twitter, Google and non-dying companies as well as dead companies are becoming generic. When the company disappears, the hop disappears in next season's genre. Or was a new company established, we look at the next season appeared generic. Uber balloon, for example. Or this season we have seen the Facebook article in Russian. It's not just about opening and closing a company, needed to get into the radar of the Silicon Valley line. If a technology giant is sitting on the table with a big gossip, it gets caught on Silicon Valley's radar.

If we are hidden in details of the details of the jeneri, then we wanted to ask Mehmet about the details we were wondering about. I go to the interview without further cheating and I am waiting for you to have a pleasant chat.

"Generic design has to be designed with a very conscious discipline at a time when the internet and television series are so popular."

How did Silicon Valley communicate with you? How did the process work?

Mehmet Kizilay: It is usually a pitching process for such projects. It's like a speech. I was a studio who entered the process pitch for this project. According to the brief brief they received from the creator of the index, Mike Judge and his creative team, they wanted to show the transformation of the Palo Alto region over the years, transforming it into a technology capital that would feed the whole world's technology with a simple settlement region. They wanted to exhibit the chronology of the companies that were born and raised or destroyed because of the fact that they are big, so to give a place to the brand that has its share. Thus, the summary of the brief was a city that underwent a change.

In my portfolio, there was an isometric city animation I had designed for another brand. Thanks to my brother who already lived there, they have seen this project. They work with me because it's very close to what they want to do. I also made a presentation with style frame and motion tests for the pitch process. Pitch was taken with the examples I designed and went into production. I was offered to go to the progeny.

How does the animation process of an animation work?

Mehmet Kizilay: Animation is the same process in every job, actually it needs to be processed. Brief flow after receipt, writing text if any. Style frames and motion are preparing for the tests. Your work is shaking hands in graphic and motion design. At this point, we have a very clear idea of ​​how it will look at the end of the job. Production is passing afterwards. Previs (previsualisation) we said render look at pre-finished animation and motion design, all video's schedules, timings are locked. It is time and money to go back after these processes have been confirmed, because they are not meant to be. Finally, the animated sequences are rendered and are compositing . In our field, this phase is to make the work more beautiful with a little touches and aesthetically to a higher level. Then the film is finalized and copies are prepared for the spectators. Stereoscopy (3D cinema version) if desired. Prepared.

What are the disadvantages and advantages of working if the United States from Turkey?

Mehmet Kizilay: As you would expect, many advantages. More creative space, more respect for your production, less ego conflicts. The end user is accustomed to quality work, so he gives you opportunities to push your boundaries. You are doing more elegant things in our portfolio. The customers are very polite, respectful of your time and your time. And of course it is financially more satisfying.

I thought the only disadvantage would be the time difference, but I noticed that I was mistaken in the Silicon Valley project. Since we are ahead of time, you have started work before the client's calendar. And because you are different day and night, you are interested in your business without intervention while the customer is asleep, your revisions come while you are asleep, you see them in the morning and you are interested in them while your customers are sleeping, and so on. 🙂

"The need to be constantly engaging in content is far ahead of schedule because of the shortening of the time we consume"

As the amount of content we have consumed in the last five years has decreased, the opening credits have been shortened. What are the difficulties of storytelling in a 10 second generic?

Mehmet Kızılay: I agree with your downfall that our mess has fallen. But on the other hand, instead of a 1.5-hour movie, we watch 8 episodes of an episode for 4 hours in a row. Therefore, I think that the necessity of constantly engaging the contents is far more important than the shortening of the time consumed

Generic design has to be designed with a very conscious discipline at a time when the internet and television series are so popular. It is not easy to produce something that the viewer will see over and over again. It was precisely our goal in the Silicon Valley genre. It's short enough not to touch your lieutenant / passerby, but we want you to be full, detailed and fun enough to see something new every time. We knew the directory would be fans. We've gotten a lot of reactions from the YouTube video showing the snapshots to the frame-by-frame snapshots to the blog content showing and taking screenshots.

The most difficult part of being as short as 10 seconds was that the animation had to be both fast and clear in order to fit that idea into 10 seconds. Otherwise, it is not possible otherwise to take interest in such a short video. We were nominated for Emmy awards generously in 2014, and comments were usually about to be astounding that a 10-second job normally attracted the Academy's attention. We ran with at least 1 minute credits like True Detective, Cosmos, Masters of Sex, which proved to be a success.

What was the most challenging aspect of Silicon Valley during its operation?

Mehmet Kizilay: There was too much to be dealt with. We've been working on a rather small project. I can say that I made 80% of the design and animation alone. For a 10-second job in Turkey, whom you say you have to spend 2 months will doubt your sanity. But in general, everyone in the project has the advantage of perfectionism and subtlety.

The genre of the Silicon Valley series is different every year from the developments and changes in technology. For example, Facebook and Russia were sent this year. In the past, we saw the rivalry between Uber and Lyft. How does the process work in these situations?

Mehmet Kizilay: Mike Judge, the creative team of the index, especially his creator, is very skilled at holding his popular cultured pulse. He is already the creator of cult jobs like Beavis & Butthead, Office Space. He also has an IT background. It is important to note that the series is already in the same territory and therefore has first-hand access to information. On the one hand, the rivalry between Uber and Lyft was also felt in daily life. When I stayed there, I used to fall into contradiction as to which one to use. 🙂

How much will technology change in your opinion? And how will this change be reflected in the index genre?

Mehmet Kizilay: Technology changes really fast. The differences are very clear even in the last season's genre, with the first season of the series I made. While the chronology of brands like Google, Apple, and Napster is being revitalized in the first place, at the last moment the stories of entrepreneurs who use technology over different job descriptions are depicted. The only thing that can be said for sure is that as long as it continues, your index and your jeneri will be able to keep up to date.

If the Silicon Valley was a Turkish production, how would it be? How would you do it?

Mehmet Kizilay I do not think Silicon Valley's may be a footprint in Turkey. Many countries are investing in particular regions to translate into the "new Silicon Valley". Malmö in Sweden, Nenagh in Ireland. But enthusiasm to make a series about Teknokent'l in Turkey I did not know who would be in. 🙂

If there was a comedy made in the Silicon Valley 100 years later, what would you think is generic?

Mehmet Kizilay: Even though I am a "nerd" person, futurism is far from my field. It's hard to predict what might be. But as I mentioned before, I am sure it will stay up to date.

Visual: Mehmet Kızılay, YouTube

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