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Tayfun and Squirrel Friends are not a new generation of music group. Or an arts college. We have a different guest today. From the greenery we can say from the shade of the forest. Tayfun Demir is someone who appreciates squirrels and is aware of their importance for nature. squirrels best friend in Turkey, I suppose you could call him. The squirrels are famous for their interest in squirrels. In fact, not only in the squirrels' backstage, but also in the local and foreign pressures, the friendship of him and his little friends attracts much attention.

Typhoon, especially for Caramel, was a focus for everyone. Caramel is a squirrel caught in one of the traps set up in the forest in Batman. When you enter or exit the door you are losing both arms. Then a young person reaches Tayfun and Caramel's prosthetic arm adventure begins.

Tayfun Demir's YouTube Instagram and Facebook pages can follow his story and you can be conscious about seeing the worth of squirrels. After all why do not we grow green around us, strengthen our communication with animals?

"For years, squirrels like Caramel have been caught and snatched from the forests, even though they are forbidden."

How many squid do you have? We want to know them.

T.D: There are only Alf and Caramel left in my house permanently. The alf opened his eyes. He does not recognize the nature and half his tail because he attacked the cat while he was young. For this reason he can not live in nature. You already know Karamel. Apart from that, Britney and Bonibon are also staying as guest in the garden house which I prepared for them now. They will return to the end of August, when their acorns mature. So far, I have hosted more than a hundred squirrels in the same way and made them return to nature.

Let's listen to what Caramel's story is and what it is.

T.D: For years squirrels have been banned from the forests, even though they are prohibited. I am constantly trying to share stimulating videos on this subject. Caramel was caught in one of the traps set up in the forest in Batman for this purpose. He was trapped in both arms when entering or leaving the hatch. He could not stand it when he found a young boy living in that area. He took him to the vet. But since there were limited opportunities, I saw my previous share of squirrels and they reached me. I asked him to bring it to Istanbul immediately. I did not come to Istanbul University Veterinary Faculty. The x-rays were taken and we saw both arms dismembered from their shoulders. It was such a nice squirrel that I believe so much. Because I knew that squirrels in similar situations died. We had enough of him, he was right there. I told the squirrels that they could not take anesthesia, and I asked them to keep the dose low. I waited for 6 hours so that they would say, "Now we have come and lost the squirrel". But they said it was a successful operation. The worlds are mine. Unfortunately, after a week of regular dressing and care at home, they said that the arms could not be restrained in control and that the necrosis condition had to be discontinued. After receiving opinions from many different professors and even from plastic surgery specialists, unfortunately they were taken with a second operation. Of course he went through an equally risky operation and succeeded for the second time. She had open wound treatment for fifteen days because she had dead tissues in her body. I can not describe the pain of living. He cried I cried believe him. I started to investigate if we could make a denture after we packed up. Instructor and Orthopedic Specialist at Istanbul Aydın University. Tolgay Şatana was also very helpful to us in the treatment process of Caramel. I called him and said he was a college prosthetic department at the university and they were going to help the family. In this way, Karamel's denture process has also begun, and for the first time in the world, a denture made for a squirrel has been very successful.

"In Italy and the US, the book of Caramel is now being prepared as a book"

How did the story first spread?

T.D: I was already trying to create awareness by sharing videos about the difficulties that squirrels like Karamel have experienced in our country. As a concrete example of Caramel, I started to share his story with videos on my YouTube channel. I think A friend from Habertürk saw this. They sent a message that I wanted to share their story. I said, of course. Then, ATV Ihlas News Agency and CNN Turk made separate shootings. Then all the media in our country started to shoot separately. Caramel's prosthetic steps were followed for days. International news agencies and platforms such as Reuters News Agency National Geographic The Dodo came for separate shoots. And still new shoots are going on. In Italy and the United States, Karamel's story is now being prepared as a book, and many foreigners are asking permission to share their social media platform videos

Where did you go at the international press?

T.D .: Reuters News Agency has reported that more than 100 TV channels in the US have been reported. Apart from that, I believe that newspapers and newspapers of different countries share the same developments continuously. Caramel was the most important news in the world on behalf of our country to this day without exception. Imagine, a lady who has been living in the US for 35 years says for the first time in our country that good news is published. As we have received such beautiful messages from so many different countries, it is not to be proud to have been eliminated.

Have you ever calculated how far your news arrives in the world?

T.D: No, that's unlikely. I think it's broadcast on every TV channel all over the world. In the same way, every newsletter from Bild to Daily Mail. For example, The Dodo on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts reached a total of 50 million views in just two weeks, and a share close to a billion. Of course, if we think that sharing is done on hundreds of different social media accounts like this, we can say that it is the most talked-about news in country history as I just mentioned.

What are the natural and environmental conditions that squirrels need to be in order?

T.D: Squirrels are extremely intelligent creatures capable of adapting to almost any medium. In many countries of the world, squirrels and people live together. There are people who are accustomed to squirrels playing chocolate from the grocery store and who do not make a sound. Our country is very suitable for the growth of squirrels. The problem here is the attitude of humans from the environment to the squirrels. In our country, squirrels are seen as wild creatures that constantly damage crops. See, last week we had a chat with an elderly uncle in Marmaris. He has walnut trees and complains about the squirrels. I said, let those squirrels go, chase, kill; walnut trees come out everywhere in this region within five years. People do not know the benefits of squirrels. For the growth of squirrels, this consciousness must first be established.

How do those who see squirrels react at home?

T.: At first everyone was very strange. We keep the birds in the small cages like ornaments that need the wings in the sky. This is normal. But it is strange to try to look at a wounded sincere at home. But especially the work I have done over the past year has begun to yield results. Now people are much more sensitive in this regard and they give me the right. Especially people and tradesmen in our neighborhood know and love Alf very well

How many squirrels have you owned so far?

T.: It would be wrong to say you own. Unfortunately, our country does not have a specialized institution, doctor or rehabilitation center for squirrels. For example, I saw the authorities of the National Parks General Directorate responsible for this, feeding the young squirrels with huge cat litter. This causes their milk to run away and cause their deaths. I brought a lot of special appliances produced from England to feed the baby squirrels. I studied professionally how to feed. And so far I have been involved in more than 100 squirrel cure treatments and have reintroduced to the environment.

Smart but Hyperactive Friends

Are you able to train a squirrel like a cat, bird or dog?

T.D: Squirrels are very intelligent, but their training is not possible because they are hyperactive. They will not listen. Focusable. You can not train with food. Alf is a squirrel with a very exception. He opened his eyes. I also put off my work for months and I'm into it. That's why we understand each other. He understands the commands. But there is no wife of the Alf in the world.

How does survivors like caramel communicate with humans afterwards? For example, is your relationship with Bonibon similar to that with Karamel?

T.D: Squirrels have different characters just like people do. They all have their own behavior. For example, Safish, who is now in nature, is a very quiet squirrel in his childhood. As I grew up, it became very attached to me. Bonibon is not in place. He's not coming from my superior. Caramel is a wild squirrel. The early days were particularly aggressive, especially because of the burning of your life. But now you get used to it. All of them have their own characteristics. Over time they get used to new people. But as I said, unfortunately it is not possible to be trained.

What was your funniest moment you lived with your squirrels?

T.D: If you share your house with squirrels, it is not possible to have funny moments. And if there are more than one squirrel. They are very jealous of a person. But I guess the funniest thing in recent days was when I saw that Caramel was tired of the hyperactive Bonibon and stretched over him so you could stop. There is no bonibon at the bottom and there is no sound. But he had captured Bonibon.

What was the most interesting reaction you received?

T.D: At the award ceremony organized by the Association of Warriors with Cigarettes last week, I received an award with applause from many ministers, deputies, mayors, governors. After the ceremony, a professor of prosthetics in the USA told us that your friend in the US asked, "Do you have any mobilized information about a cynical prosthesis in your country?" He said he was proud and it was tight. I think that's the most beautiful and different reaction I've seen so far.

Why do you want to raise awareness about squirrels?

T.D .: Squirrels blur food like oak barrels, walnuts, nuts, etc. they gather for food. But before they have the opportunity to eat all of them, these seeds germinate and turn into sullen. So squirrels are tree factories. They are extremely important for nature. Although there are plenty of squirrels in our country, there are not any squirrel-doctors or institutions. The unscrupulous people who know this opportunity also cause death by catching and selling squirrels from the forests like I said. In my research for squirrels I started to look for and find myself injured by chance three years ago, I saw them and tried to resist them as a man of conscience.

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