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Sea Shepherd is an international organization fighting marine and ocean pollution. Pollutoys had come up with plush toys named after they had previously told their children why they should not throw garbage in the sea. Now, the sea presents a film with a bevelled striking look that reflects how living things are affected by plastic waste.

In the oceans and oceans plastic garbage mountains there are masses of country size. The amount of these increases every year. Each year over 1 million sea creatures die due to the plastic waste problem. The fact that people are unaware of the situation or the situation is causing the danger to continue. The film, prepared by Sea Shepherd's FF New York business union, aims to raise this awareness.

The Plastic Dangers Described with Visions Like Dreams

The project "Plastic Ocean" aims to reach young people, especially through social media. Campaign consisting of 3 advertisements and one video; creates an exquisite visual game that depicts sea animals swimming in a plastic sea, even clapping. The dolphins, the water turtles, the sharks, the stingrays seem to float in awe at the head of filmin, among the plastic dangers. However, after a while we see that there is no such awe, animals are actually stuck in plastic waste, swimming or even killed.

The film, which progresses parallel to it in a poetic music accord, at first glance seems to be a peaceful dream, but with a hard reality that contrasts with that soft structure, it finally gives a strong impression. Film; after giving statistics on the destruction created by the plastic, it suggests that people should recycle and reuse instead of polluting the seas.

Sea Shepherd global manager Alex Cornelissen tells you that your plastic has taken over the oceanic wildlife and wiped out. Cornelissen, who is responsible for this deadly substance, says that if we do not avoid this, the oceans will drink more plastic than life.

reports that the disposable plastic should no longer be able to stop when it says that it is time to repair it

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Michael Hess
Executive Director: Laurent Leccia
Creative Director: Sea Shepherd
Advertising Agency: FF New York
Authorized Creative Director: Fred & Farid Lisa Rosario
Animation: Alkemy X
Directed by: Geoff Bailey
Producer Jason Sonner
Director of Production: Hellman
Brand Supervisor: Amanda Hellman
Executive Producer: Amanda Van Caneghem
3D Supervisor: Dave Zeevalk
3D Responsible: Brendan Fitzgerald
Visual Effects: Brendan Fitzgerald
3D Artist: Dave Zeevalk, Adam Stockholm, Pete Hamilton
Compositor: Matthew Robinson, Alejandro Monzon
Score Ventura, Hallie Bonnar
Vocals: Scarlet Lastrapes
Creative Director / The Best of Theo

Vocals: Scarlet Lastrapes
Music Production: Tuesday Collective

Visual: YouTube – FF New York